Loga- · A logarithmic unit prefix for big and small numbers
Serialisation formats · The alphabet's just to big (or small)
Ship the Template · Pipeline first, product second


LZW without pre-populated string table / alphabet on Swift Forums
How to get device make and model on iOS? on Stack Overflow
Leaky wire formats · Leaky abstraction in the Protocol Buffers wire format
Cache JIRA issues to SQLite on GitHub
How to convert ASCII character to CGKeyCode? on Stack Overflow
Word for Word · Literal translation in action
Incremental migration to Structured Concurrency on Swift Forums
Override iOS volume buttons on Stack Overflow


Convenience asynchronous completion handlers on Swift Forums
Bidirectional messaging between your iOS app and UI tests on GitHub
iOS Application state diagrams · A selection of informative iOS traces


Probabity of Death · Relationship between Speed and Risk of Fatal Injury
Index based binary search · We need the array itself and the key, which we supplied to the algorithm


Filenames as metadata · Filename and file size are the only metadata you can rely on


Dependency injection · Swift DI with type alias declarations
Unidecode · Plain ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
Migrating to Swift · Migrating a very old project from Object-C to Swift
Future proofing library APIs · Moving version checking to the runtime
Code layout and display · Moving passed Objective-C's square brackets
Importing CommonCrypto as a Swift framework on Stack Overflow
Fully Linked · An example wikipedia page where every word is linked


Basic English · A dictionary of C. K. Ogden’s 850 Basic English words


Last Resort Font 1 · A Last Resort Font (for latin readers).
Strictly Scores · An example of SVG charts embedded in HTML
Unicode browser · A browser of Unicode code points


iOS devices · A matrix of iOS devices by size
Pinyin Font 1 · A Last Resort Font
World time · 24 … 3 … 1


Desktop iOS · An example of what VoiceOver can do for sighted users


Problems with languages · Welcome to the Hotel California
On the UI of links · Handling pages with a lot of links


2010 Calendar
2009 Calendar


Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies · Tasty cookies that should be good for you (but aren't)
Kardashev scale · How much power a Type I citizen would have
Exchange rates · Time is money
Designing a better calendar · Tthe learning is in the doing
Georgia · Flores, but with objects and integers
Marriage · Pairing up in the UK
Dear Scotland · A lament
In search of a crime · Peeling apart the crime


The game is on · and on, and on, …
Flores · A programming language in 639 lines
Tax Loopholes · On donating to the state
Choices · The country's favourite word
In search of no crime · On lowering the crime rate to zero


Pilgrim's rest · I miss my mother.
Russian roulette at 30 miles per hour · A dangerous game should always beat an everyday occurrence
The physical network stack · Working out what the difference is between the road and rail network
Marking multiple arbitrary points on Google Maps · Back to Oakland with more!
Rape on trial
My Strengths · I took an online test
Imagine · Imagine the perfect journey
Yet Another Programming Language · Do not design and write a programming language


Becoming An Early Riser: The Aftermath · Turns out there is, an actual Saturday morning
Rules of the road · Sprint towards the wall as fast as you can
Death is Nothing at all · All is well
A JavaScript Calendar
Markers at arbitrary points on Google Maps · Nudging the marker
Rich Dad, Poor Dad · What the rich allegedly teach their kids about money
Becoming An Early Riser · I never knew that there was an actual Saturday morning
The lot of women and men · A tale of two groups

On Apple's AppStore

Herd - Animal and Livestock Management · The application to help you track your animals, presenting them clearly and efficiently on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
The Map - world maps, offline · The Map gives you offline maps of entire countries (including the USA, Canada and Great Britain).

Noteworthy mini projects

highwayco.de · A single page version of the British Highway Code.
MinimumRubber · A set of Core Graphics and Core Foundation related functions by me and others.
PredicateOptimiser · Doing cool things with NSPredicate objects.
Staycation · Execute CGI scripts locally without a web server.

Places to find me

Stack Overflow · A question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.
GitHub · A popular git hosting site.