iOS devices

The matrix below simply shows a matrix of iOS devices:

Screen sizeinches 1.32 1.5 2.5 3.5 4 4.7 5.5 7.9 9.7 12.9
Screen areabutton areas 12 16 35 78 94 129 177 411 620 1102
Name iPhone iPad
Apple TV Apple Watch iPod nano iPod touch
AppStore yes yes yes no yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
  1. The original Mobile HIG defined the minimum button size to be 44 px2 on an original iPhone - approximately 0.07 inch2. This is the unit used here.
  2. As has been pointed out, the iPod nano does not run iOS, but the original iPod firmware Pixo OS. However, it remains included because, when I played with it in the Apple Store, it seemed to be just a small iPod touch.