Basic English

In 1930 Charles Kay Ogden published “Basic English: A General Introduction with Rules and Grammar”. In it he described the first 850 words of Basic English. I was lucky enough to find a digital copy (of sorts) at a fantastic site dedicated to Odgen’s work on Basic English.

Having access to this work inspired me to clean up the dictionary to produce a version which is (almost) totally self contained: every word in the examples and expansions are themselves defined. It's not perfect as I didn't fully understand the format of the original document until after I'd done much of the work.

The result of my work is below. For every entry there is the word, its forms, its types (eg “noun”), an expansion, and a number of examples (separated by “;”). In examples, a word is highlighted if it is a form of the parent word.

a (an) adjective
a man; give the ball a kick; the selection of a paint; a bit of; quite a good book; he has £100 a year; an apple; an hour.
able (able to, ably) adjective
an able teacher; an able book; the work was ably done; able to make.
about (about to be) preposition
trees about the house; walking about the streets; there are about enough; at about 4; a book about history; be right about the facts; the servants are about; looking about for a place; the glass is about to be broken.
account (accounts) noun
give an account of; have an account with; keep accounts; put it on the account; take into account.
acid (acidly) adjective, noun
the fruit has an acid taste; she gave him an acid look; “do not be foolishhe said acidly; it was burned by an acid.
across preposition
a bridge across the river; go across the road; put 1 stick across another.
act (acted, acting, action, actions, actor, actors, acts) noun
do a kind act; he was in the act of taking the money; acting as a brake; a goodact; he is an actor.
addition (additions) noun
make an addition to a building; a good addition; the addition of water to milk; do addition; bad at addition; in addition to this.
adjustment (adjustments) noun
make an adjustment; an adjustment of the amount; by the adjustment of a screw.
after preposition
some time after an event; go after a rat; i took it after he came.
again adverb
he did the work again; then, again, he is old; say it again and again.
against preposition
resting against the wall; come up against a stone; fighting against an army; be against change; have something against a person.
agreement (agreements) noun
make an agreement with; keep an agreement; keep to an agreement; be in agreement with; there is not much agreement between them.
air (airing, airs) noun
in the air; take in air; birds in the air; airing the room; go out for an airing; put on an air of interest; foolish airs.
all adjective, adverb, pronoun
all men are the same; all the day; at all times; all in black; all covered with dust; all were happy; all is quiet; he is not at all interesting; all day.
almost adverb
almost ready; almost there; the boy is almost a man.
among preposition
be among one’s friends; among one’s books; working among the poor; among other things; make a division among; we have £5 among us.
amount (amounts) noun
a small amount of food; gold in great amounts; he made payment of the full amount.
amusement (amusements) noun
humor gives me no amusement; a look of amusement; get amusement out of watching trains; sailing is a good amusement; plays for the amusement of the public.
and conjunction
he and i; i came and he went; it was round and fat; and then he said; i went and saw him.
anger (angrily, angry) noun
feeling anger; an angry face; an angry man; angry words; an angry red; make oneself angry about; they were talking angrily.
angle (angles) noun
animal (animals) noun
all animals but man; man is an animal; be kind to animals.
answer (answering) noun
give an answer to a question; answering a letter; answering for a friend.
ant (ants) noun
any adjective, adverb, pronoun
i have not any friends; have you any wool?; come at any time; i have not any of that; take any of them; he is not any wiser.
apparatus (apparatuses) noun
put up an apparatus; different apparatuses; an apparatus of tax-control.
apple (apples) noun
the apples are still green.
approval (approvals, approved) noun
approval to; say with approval; have a feeling of approval.
arch (arched, archer, arches, arching) noun
arch of a bridge; the church has pointed arches; a foot with a good arch; the cat is arching its back; the bird was wounded by an archer.
argument (arguments) noun
an argument with somebody; a good argument for putting an end to war; his argument was.
arm (armed, arming, arms) noun
working-men get strong arms; with open arms; the arm of a machine; the arm of a coat; the nation has no arms; arming for war.
army (armies) noun
as adverb, conjunction, pronoun
at preposition
at a point; at the top; at 4; at his request; at what price.
attack (attack, attacked, attacking, attacks) noun
an attack against his views; the army made a sudden attack; a new line of attack; attacked by a disease; attacking a question.
attempt (attempted, attempting, attempts) noun
an attempt to get the news; wounded in the attempt; attempting to do.
attention noun
attention to; keep one’s attention on; great powers of attention; the baby gets no attention.
attraction noun
the attraction of the earth for bodies; she has no attraction off the stage; have an attraction for; the attraction of the idea; coming attraction; the attraction of the sea by the moon; their attraction to one another.
authority (authorities, authority on) noun
have authority over the army; what authority have you?; be in authority; be under the authority of the chief; go to a higher authority; come before the authorities; an authority on the great war.
automatic (automatically) adjective
get food from an automatic machine; his behavior was automatic; an automatic reaction; he got up automatically.
awake adjective
the baby is awake very early; i came awake suddenly.
away adverb
far and away the worst; make away with; right away; working away.
baby (babies) noun
he was ill when he was a baby; the woman had 2 babies with her; the baby cat; my baby brother.
back (backed, backer, backing) noun
back of man’s body or like part of other things; back of the house; the back of the book; at the back of the station; a picture backed with linen; a pain in the back; the monkey was on the dog’s back; come back; get money back; a year back; the back door.
bad (badly, worse, worst)
a bad day; bad weather; have a bad time; a bad idea; a bad bit of wood; a bad book; a bad friend; be badly wounded; a bad boy; the milk will be bad tomorrow; bad at languages; he did badly.
bag (bags) noun
a bag full of wool; a paper bag; a porter took my bags.
balance (balanced, balancer, balancing) noun
keep one’s balance; a balance of forces; balancing on a wire; have a well balanced mind.
ball (balls) noun
a silver ball; make butter into balls; the little girl has a ball.
band (banded, bander, banding)
put a rubber band round; fixed by a band; of iron; a band of red; banded with red; a band of young men; banding together against the army; playing in the band.
base (based, baser, basing) noun
basin (basins)
food in a basin; a river basin.
basket (baskets) noun
eggs in a basket; a basket of flowers.
bath (bathed, bather, bathing)
put water in a bath; have a bath; give the baby a bath; bathing the baby.
be (am, are, became, become, been, being, is, was, were) auxiliary, verb
she is a cook; he is good; it is wise to do nothing; they are talking; i will be there; i am; such things have been and will be again; there is no answer to that question; have you ever been to the river; a strange being; that is to say; let it be.
beautiful (beautifully, unbeautiful)
a beautiful woman; a beautiful day; a beautiful picture; the theory is beautifully clear.
he was angry because she was late; best because of its rules.
bed (bedded, bedder, bedding, beds)
put the covers on the bed; go to bed; be in bed; the bed of the river is deep; the discovery of a new coal bed; put flowers in the beds; bedding out plants; soft bedding.
bee (beer, bees)
come before sundown; the word beforehaveis not clear; go before a judge; the work before us; work comes before play; death before prison!; have a meal before you go; he did it before; before long.
behavior (behaviors) noun
his behavior is good; rough in behavior; the behavior of a chemical; the behavior of nations.
belief (beliefs) noun
belief is an event in the mind; to be religious it is necessary to have belief; they had a number of strange beliefs; it is my belief that we will have snow; in the belief that; have belief in a story.
bell (bells) noun
bent (unbent)
using a bent stick; a bent old man; his arm was bent.
berry (berries)
the fruit of this plant is a berries; birds take the berries.
bird (birds)
a bird in the air; going after birds with a gun.
birth (birth) noun
bit (biting, bits) noun
have a bit of bread; bits of news; put the bits together; the dress is in bits; the plate has come to bits; bit by bit; he was a bit sad; i did my bit in the organization.
bite (bites, biting) noun
the dog gave him a bite; have a bite at an apple; i took a bite of it; a bad bite in the leg.
bitter (bitterly)
a bitter taste; a bitter drink; a bitter thought; her troubles have made her bitter.
a black night; a black man from by the sea; make one’s hand black as coal; dressed in black.
blade (blades)
the blade is not sharp; a knife with 2 blades; waving his blade in the air; a blade of grass.
blood noun
there was blood on the coat; there is blood in him; they are of the same blood; a blood relation.
blow (blows) noun
the sea is blue on a bright day; a dark shade of blue.
board (boarded, boarder, boarding, boards)
the floor boards are cracked; boarding up a window; put up a board; i saw it on the board outside.
boat (boats)
take a boat on the river; go by boat.
body (bodies) noun
boiling (boiler)
put an egg in boiling water; the water is boiling; he is boiling the water; cooking the fish by boiling it; a ship’s boiler.
bone (boned, boner, bones, boning)
no bones are broken; boning fish; a spoon made of bone; a bone button.
book (booked, booker, booking, books)
writing a book; see it in a book; a book of pictures; noting it in a book; have no more copies of a book; booking seats for a play.
boot (boots)
put on one’s boots.
bottle (bottled, bottler, bottling)
put wine in a bottle; bottled beer.
box (boxed, boxer, boxes, boxing)
keep gloves in a box; send the boxes to the station; this part is boxed off; seated in a stage-box.
boy (boys)
brain (brained, brainer, braining, brains)
something wrong with his brain; cooking sheep’s brains; he was brained by a blow; the man has brains; he has no brain.
brake (braked, brakes)
the brakes are loose; put the brakes on.
branch (branched, brancher, branches, branching)
a broken branch; a tree with low branches; a branch of the railway; branching to the left; the business has a branch in the town; a branch.
brass noun
a bit of brass; a brass pot; a brass; plate on the door.
bread noun
cutting bread; bread and butter.
breath (breathed, breather, breathing) noun
the dog’s breath was warm; take a deep breath; not breathing well; moved by every breath of wind; a day without a breath of air; be out of breath.
brick (bricked, bricker, bricking, bricks)
putting bricks on the wall; a red-brick; house; bricking up a hole.
bridge (bridged, bridger, bridging)
make a bridge across the railway; bridging the river.
bright (brightly)
a bright fire; a bright girl; have a bright idea; a bright; and smiling face.
broken (unbroken)
the plate is broken; a very broken sleep; the house was broken into by the army; a bit broken off; the box was broken open; an unbroken line of trees; he is a broken man; the bread is broken up.
brother (brothers) noun
she has a brother in the army; the 2 boys are brothers.
brown adjective
brush (brushed, brusher, brushes, brushing)
bucket (buckets)
milking into a bucket; a coal bucket.
building (build, builder, building, buildings, builds) noun
the highest building in town; there was no other person in the building; that is work for a builder; building is his trade; they are building ships walls; build up a business.
bulb (bulbs)
burn (burned, burner, burning) noun
put oil on a burn; the acid is burning me; the fire is burning brightly; burning with shame; burning a hole; a smell of burning; a burning pain; you will get a better light if you have a new burner.
burst noun
there has been a burst in the pipe; a loud burst of sound; a burst of angry feeling; a burst pipe.
business (businesses) noun
his business is farming; my father is in business; a good businessman; do business with; an insurance business; an old family business; the 2 businesses have no connection; it is not your business; you have no business to say it; he came on business; they are going out of business.
butter (buttered, butterer, buttering) noun
put the butter on thickly; buttering bread.
button (buttoned, buttoner, buttoning, buttons)
the button has come off my coat; buttoning his shoes; touching the button of the bell; my overcoat is buttoned up.
cake (caked, caker, cakes, caking)
make a cake; having cake; a cake of soap; the wheel is caked with earth.
camera (cameras) noun
canvas noun
painting on canvas; sleeping under canvas; a canvas cover on the boat.
card (cards) noun
send a card to; put down a higher card; pictures done on card; the men were playing card.
care noun
put on the dress with care; the jewels are in my care; take care; the care of his position; take care of.
carriage (carriages) noun
driving in a carriage with 2 horses; a train with 6 carriage; undertake the carriage of goods; how much is the carriage; send the box carriage forward.
cart (carted, carter, carting) noun
a cart came round with coal; carting the earth away.
cat (cats) noun
cause (caused, causer, causing) noun
get angry without cause; it has an interesting cause; the cause of the trouble; give money for a good cause; the hearing of a cause; there is no cause for protest.
certain (certainly, uncertain) adjective
be certain one is right; seem uncertain; they are certainly not here now; he has a certain disease; make certain before you do it.
chain (chained, chainer, chaining) noun
the dog is on a chain; chaining the prisoners together; chained to the railing; a chain of events; a chain of mountains.
chalk (chalked, chalker, chalking) noun
the earth here is full of chalk; my chalk is broken; chalking numbers on a board.
chance (chanced, chancer, chances, chancing) noun
a question of chance; chance is against us; take one’s chance of getting a seat; a chance meeting; here is your chance; he has not a chance of getting away; the chance are against him; i came there by chance; come on the chance that one’s friend is there.
change (changed, changer, changes, changing, unchanged) noun
make change in the book; see a change in him; men are changing; she is changing her dress; get change at the station; give the right change small change.
cheap (cheaper, cheaply) adjective
a cheap meal; cheap fiction; a cheap trick; be cheaply dressed.
cheese noun
a great round cheese; cheese made from goat’s milk; a bit of cheese.
chemical (chemically, unchemical) adjective, noun
a chemical process; chemically, it is unchanged; a strong chemical.
chest noun
a pain in my chest locked in a chest; a chest of drawers.
chief (chiefly) adjective, noun
chin noun
she has a small chin.
church (churches) noun
the church is full; the town has 4 churches; be in church; go to church every 7 days; the opinion of the church.
circle (circled, circler, circling) noun
clean (cleaned, cleaner, cleaning, cleanly, unclean) adjective
clean room; send a dress to the cleaner; my coat has been cleaned; a clean story; unclean thoughts; cleaning up after work.
clear (cleared, clearer, clearing, clearly, unclear) adjective
a clear day; clear water; the sky is clearing; make a point clear; get clear about something; see his purpose clearly; the sense is unclear; his writing is very clear; the clear sound of a bell; the road is clear get keep clear of.
clock noun
this clock is right; 4 by the clock.
cloth (clothed, clother, clothing) noun, transitive
a roll of cloth here is a cloth for drying the plates; put on clothing; clothing oneself.
cloud (clouded, clouder, clouding, clouds) noun
cloud in the sky; the sky is clouding over; a cloud of smoke; a cloud on her face; be under a cloud; clouding their pleasure.
coal (coaled, coaler, coaling) noun
burning coal; a coal fire; coaling the ship.
coat (coated, coater, coating) noun
a winter coat; put on a coat; a coat and skirt; a new coat of paint; coating the house with whitewash.
cold (colder, coldest) adjective
cold feet; feeling cold; give person a cold look; in cold blood; put cold water on.
collar (collars) noun
take by the collar.
color (colored, colorer, coloring) noun
a bright color; coloring the wall.
comb (combed, comber, combing) noun
a brush and comb; give one’s hair a comb; combing the dog.
come (came, comes, coming) verb
comfort (comforted, comforter, comforting) noun
resting in comfort; a comforting drink; take comfort from the fact; comforting a friend; my son is a comfort to me.
committee noun
put it before the committee; forming a committee; he is on the committee.
common (commonly, uncommon) adjective
that is the common view; a common person of rough behavior; quite a common event; an uncommon disease; it is commonly said; talking a common language; things in common.
company (companies) noun
she went to meetings for company; be happy in a person’s company; the business was made into a company; 2 companies of actors; keep a person company.
comparison noun
make a comparison between things; this is small in comparison with that.
competition noun
the groups are in competition with 1 another; competition is strong between them; the paper is having a competition for cooks; competition in.
complete (completed, completely, completer, completing, completly, incomplete) adjective
the work is incomplete; who is completing the book; in complete harmony; you are completely wrong.
complex (uncomplex) adjective, noun
complex ideas; a complex form; a complex of parts; he has a complex about his father.
condition (conditioned, conditioner, conditioning) noun
living condition are bad; a strange condition of mind; horses in good condition; conditioning a dog; a conditioned reaction; he made some condition; a condition of the distribution; on condition that.
connection noun
i do not see any connection between those statements; he has no connection with the business; the train connection are bad; the music teacher has a good connection; in this connection.
conscious (consciously, unconscious) adjective
the conscious mind; a conscious error; be unconscious; not consciously cruel; conscious of something.
control (controlled, controller, controlling) noun
he has no control over his son; his feelings are well under control; take control; controlling the work army; a controlling interest; a well-controlled voice; the control is not working; control of.
cook (cooked, cooker, cooking, cooks) noun
the cook made a cake; good cooking; an electric cooker.
copper (coppered, copperer, coppering) noun
get copper out of the earth; a copper pot; the box is coppered inside; give the boy some copper.
copy (copies, copyed, copyer, copying) noun
make a copy of a table; copying letters; copying someone’s behavior; printing more copies of the reading-book.
cord (corded, corder, cording) noun
a whistle on a cord; the parcel had cord round it; a corded box.
cork (corked, corker, corking) noun
covered with cork get the cork out; corking the bottle.
cotton noun
a field of cotton; a cotton dress; take a needle and cotton.
cough (coughed, cougher, coughing) noun
give a cough; coughing in church; have a bad cough.
country (countries) noun
a farm in the country; wooded country; the country is at war; warm countries.
cover (covered, coverer, covering, covers) noun
a cover on the bed; covering his face with his hands; insurance covering damage by fire; hands covered with hair; the cover is off the box; the trees were cover for the army; take cover.
cow (cows) noun
milk from the cow; the cow in the field.
crack (cracked, cracker, cracking) noun
a crack in the place; cracking nuts; the crack of a whip.
credit (credited, crediting, creditor) noun
have credit at a business; give credit; get credit; crediting one’s account; his credit is high with his friends; crediting him with common sense; he is a credit to his father; on credit; to one’s credit.
crime (crimes) noun
cruel (cruelly) adjective
a cruel man; a cruel death; a cruel thing to say; be acting cruelly.
crush (crushed, crusher, crushing) noun
give the nut a crush; his hat was crushed by someone stepping on it; a crushing blow; in such a crush, there was no room for dancing.
cry (cried, cryer, crying) noun
the cry of a street trader; a bird’s cry; give a cry of pain; crying out that all is well; she was crying quietly.
cup (cups) noun
the cup is broken; a cup of water.
current adjective, noun
swimming against the current; the current of opinion was against him; putting on the current; current events.
curtain (curtained, curtainer, curtaining) noun
a curtain over the window; part of the room was curtained oil; be at the play before the curtain goes up.
curve (curved, curver, curving) noun
the curve of an arm; a price curve; curving in the air; curving the metal; a curved knife.
cushion (cushioned, cushioner, cushioning) noun
a cushion; a cushioned seat.
cut (cutter, cutting, uncut) adjective, noun
the cord is cut; a cut longer; a well-cut dress; cutting a bit off; a cut on the nose; a newspaper cutting; bread is cut up.
damage (damaged, damager, damages, damaging) noun
looking at the damage caused by the fire; the window was damaged by the bad weather; a damaging statement; payment of damages; do damage to.
dance (dancing) : be moving in regular rhythm
danger noun
the danger of walking on thin ice; be in danger of fire; he is a public danger; that machine is a danger to the workers.
dark (darkly) noun
a dark night; a dark color; dressed darkly; fear of the dark.
daughter (daughters) noun
the daughter of a poor man; have 3 daughters.
day (days) noun
a week has 7 days; day and night; a bright day; in our day; all day; by day; day by day; from day to day; good day; one day; how was one’s day?.
dead adjective
a dead man; respect for the dead; my foot is dead; that idea is dead; dead languages.
dear (dearly) adjective, noun
the goods are dear a dear friend; he was dearly loved; come with me, my dear; dear to the public.
death noun
his death was a great blow; go to one’s death; come to one’s death; death took him; the death of his hopes; beautiful in death; put to death.
debt (debts) noun
a debt of £10; a debt to the past; be badly in debt.
decision noun
make a decision; the decision of this question; he has great decision come to a decision.
deep (deeply) adjective, adverb
deep water; a deep hole; be deep in debt; he was deeply moved; a deep book; a deep interest; go deep into the earth.
degree (degrees) noun
2 degree under boiling-point; marking the degree in red; a high degree of interest; a question only of degree by degree.
delicate (delicatly) adjective
the delicate of a new system idea; the delicate of man; go through a process of delicate; interesting new delicate.
dependent noun : kept by others
design (designs) noun : idea to be given effect
have designs on; make a design for the thing to be made.
desire (desires) noun : feeling that a thing is good
destruction noun : to put an end to
detail (details) noun
development (developments) noun : experience growth
different (differently) adjective
2 different sorts of fruit; a different man; viewing things differently.
digestion noun
he has a good digestion; digestion is a slow process.
direction (directions) noun
birds coming from every direction; going in the direction of the town; the direction of the current; the direction; of a business; those were his direction.
dirty (dirtier, dirtydirtied, dirtying) adjective
the tablecloth is dirty; make the floor dirty; dirtying one’s hands; a dirty story.
discovery (discoveries) noun
he made an interesting discovery; the year of the discovery of the new land; may i see your discovery.
discussion (discussions) noun
have a discussion about; the discussion of details; deep in discussion; the peace discussion in the town; an idea under discussion; come up for discussion.
disease noun
get a disease; expert on disease of the ear; a town full of disease.
disgust (disgusted, disguster, disgusting) noun
have a disgust for a person; go away in disgust; disgusting facts; a disgusted person; disgusted pleased, angry with.
distance noun
a distance of 4 feet; go a great distance; some distance away; in walking distance; in hearing distance; see from a distance at a great distance.
distribution noun
make a distribution of clothing; an unequal distribution; what is the distribution of the disease.
division noun
a division of a school; a division of the book; put up a division across the room; make a division between the houses; the division of the money; the boys are doing division; a division of opinion among experts.
do (did, doer, does, doing, doings, done) auxiliary, verb
dog (dogs) noun
take a dog for a walk.
door (doors) noun
get the door open; the door into the room; at death’s door out of door.
doubt (doubted, doubter, doubting, doubts) noun
have doubt about; be in doubt; doubting a man story; no doubt.
down adverb, preposition
drain (drained, drainer, draining) noun
put water down the drain; draining a bit of land; draining away his power.
drawer (drawers) noun
put away in a drawer.
dress (dressed, dresser, dresses, dressing) noun
she had a beautiful dress; their dresses were blue; a new form of dress; dressing oneself the baby; put a dressing on the leg; dressing the leg; a thick dressing on the meat; dressing up.
drink (drinks) noun
this liquid is a good drink; they had some drink; drink is his trouble; have a drink of water; have a drink to him; give me another drink; the worse for drink.
driving (drive, driver) adjective, noun
drive a horse and cart; a good driver; put the nail in by driving it with a hammer; the wind was driving the ship forward; a driving rain; you are driving me to drink.
drop (dropped, dropper, dropping) noun
dropped of rain on the window; a drop of blood from the wound; it is a long drop from the top of the wall; a drop in prices; dropping the plate.
dry (dried, dryer, drying) adjective
dry field tongue, day; get dry in front of the fire; drying the linen; dried fruit; a dry discussion book.
dust (dusted, duster, dusting) noun
there is dust on the books; get dust in his eyes; dusting the table.
ear (ears) noun
early (earlier, earliest) adjective, adverb
it is early in the day; the early years; early for the meal; get up early.
earth adjective, noun
put a seed in the earth; the earth goes round the sun; nothing on earth.
east adjective, adverb
the east side; an east wind; going east; the town is east of thesea; the sun comes up in the east; religions of the east; the east of the sea dress; the knife has a sharp east.
edge (edged, edges, edging) noun
education noun
give a boy a good education; the education of the young; the experience will be a good education for you.
effect (effected, effecter, effecting) noun
a strange effect of light; his statement had no effect; get a snow effect by dropping paper; effecting a change; have an effect on; in effect; be of no effect; put into effect; take effect.
egg (eggs) noun
elastic (inelastic) adjective, noun
an elastic material; very elastic views; a bit of elastic.
electric (electrically, electricity) adjective
electric light current; get an electric shock; the house is electrically heated.
end (ended, ender, ending) noun
come get to the end; the end of the street story, work; a loose end of thread; the day is ending; the ending; in the end; put an end to.
engine noun
enough adjective, adverb, noun
it is good enough; go far enough from danger; there is not enough time for the work; have enough; you have said enough; get enough of; strangely enough.
equal (equally, equaly, unequal) adjective, noun
equal amounts; take an equal pleasure in; the sides are unequal; this is equal to that; they are equally bad; a fight between equal.
error noun
make an error; say in error.
even adverb
event (events) noun
an event has taken place; these strange event at all event; in the event of.
ever (never) adverb
if you ever see him, give him my love; have you ever been; it was ever the same; no man will go on living forever; it is as true than ever; for ever saying the same thing.
every (each) adjective, pronoun
every word was true; he comes every day; every time he comes, i go; every 1 of them became ill; there is every reason why; every other day.
example (examples) noun
an example of her work; an example of false reasoning; he is an example to us all.
exchange (exchanged, exchanger, exchanging) noun
exchanging hats words; the exchange is against us; the exchange is doing no business; in exchange for.
existence noun
be in existence; the existence of a liquid; come into existence; an unhappy existence; have existence.
expansion noun
the expansion of liquids; the expansion of a business; the expansion of a theory; an expansion of the sense of the word.
experience (experienced, experiencer, experiences, experiencing) noun
he has no experience; get some experience; experiencing a new feeling; an experienced person; my experience in the country that is far away.
expert (expertly, experts, inexpert, inexpertly) noun
he is a great expert in that field; he put his questions expertly; her hair had been inexpertly waved; expert knowledge; expert work; expert at doing; expert on a question.
eye (eyed, eyeing, eyer, eyes) noun
keep one’s eye shut; eyeing the food; blue eyed; keep an eye on; have an eye for form; make eye at.
face (faced, facer, facing) noun
covering his face; a smiling face; the face of the clock building; facing the church; facing the facts; have the face to; make a face at; face to face; ; to one’s face; on the face of it; full face.
fact (facts) noun
the fact about; it is a fact that; in fact.
fall noun
have a fall; a fall of 10 feet; a fall in prices; a fall from power; come to the countryside in the fall.
false (falsely) adjective
a false story; a false idea of the place; false teeth; he was falsely said to be away; be false to a person; a false friend.
family noun
naming a division of plants, animals; 1 of that family; he is of good family; a family business; she has a family of 3, 2 boys and 1 girl; a family of languages; these plants are of the same family.
far (farther, farthest, further, furthest) adjective, adverb
farm (farmed, farmer, farming, farms) noun
working on a farm; a good farmer; farming in the country.
fat adjective, noun
a fat pig; a fat stick; put some fat on the plate.
father noun
the father of 6 boys; become a father; my father gave it to me.
fear (feared, fearer, fearing, fears) noun
fear is a cause of hate; be in fear of punishment; have if; for him; fearing the future; he is feared by all.
feather (feathered, featherer, feathering) noun
a bird without feather; a feathered hat.
feeble (feebly) adjective
a feeble support; a feeble mind; he was feebly crying out for help; make a feeble answer.
feeling (feeler, feelers, feelings) adjective, noun
a feeling of pain; angry feeling be feeling unhappy; the insect has 2 feelers.
female adjective, noun
a female voice; a female animal; the cat is a female.
fertile (infertile) adjective
a fertile field; a fertile woman; infertile land; be fertile in ideas and so on.
fiction noun
fact or fiction; the fiction that all men are equal; hardy was a writer of fiction.
field (fields) noun
cows in a field; field of thought work.
fight (fighting) noun
make a fight for equal rights; the 2 men had a fight; a fight between 2 armies; he put up a fight.
finger (fingered, fingerer, fingering, fingers) noun
a cut finger; fingering the goods; a 2-fingered hand.
fire (fired, firer, fires, firing) noun
first adjective, adverb, noun
the first house in the street; be first in the school; the first to come; get there first at first; for the first second, last, and so on time; at first second hand.
fish (fish, fished, fisher, fishes, fishing, or) noun
get a fish; birds and fishes; fishing in the sea; cooking fish.
fixed (fixedly, unfixed) adjective
the rod is fixed; fixed to the wheel; eyes fixed on the floor; a fixed smile.
flag noun
put up a flag.
flame noun
the flame of the match was blue; a house in flame.
flat adjective, adverb
a flat wall; flat country; keep the tray flat put it flat down; be living in a flat.
flight noun
a flight over the sea; his flight from the country; the army is in put to flight.
floor (floored, floorer, flooring) noun
flower (flowered, flowerer, flowering, flowers) noun
get some flower; the flower have come out; the tree is flowering; a.
fly (flies) noun
a fly on the wall; the flies are biting the horse.
fold (folded, folder, folding) noun
food (foods) noun
take food; have some food a good nerve food; food for thought.
foolish (foolishly) adjective
say a foolish thing; a foolish person; be laughing foolishly.
force (forced, forcer, forces, forcing) noun
the force of a blow; the force of his arguments; force will be necessary; landing more force; the people are a force for good; laws in force.
fork (forked, forker, forking) noun
take food with a fork; a garden fork; forking the beds; a fork in the road; forking to the left; a forked stick.
form (formed, former, forming, forms) noun
the form of the table is round; forming a ring; a new form of art; going through the necessary form.
forward adjective, adverb
go forward; put forward a suggestion; from this time forward; the forward part of the ship; a forward boy; forward behavior; they sent their boxes carriage forward; looking forward to the event.
fowl (fowls) noun
frame (framed, framer, framing) noun
a frame for a picture; framing the painting; the frame of a building; frame of mind.
free (freed, freing, frer, unfre) adjective
make him free; get free; free thought; you are free to go; the prisoners have been freed; the drinks are free; free trade; be free with.
frequent (frequently, frequenty, infrequent) adjective
a frequent event; his infrequent attempts; be frequently ill.
friend (friends) noun : person who is kind to
he is my friend; i have no friends; a friend of the poor; make friends with.
from preposition
go from a place; come back a year from now; 10 miles from the sea; letter from a friend; away from the point; free from danger; get profit from a business; a mark from a blow; from 10 to 20; it is clear from the facts; the future will be different from the past; his ideas took form from day to day year to year.
front (fronted, fronter, fronting) adjective, noun
the front of a house; fronting the road; fronted with brick; news from the front; a walk on the front; the front person; a front view; in front of.
fruit noun
take fruit off the tree; have some fruit the fruit of our work.
full (fully) adjective
a full vessel; get it full the full story; make full use of; the full moon; be fully conscious; full of; full face; in full; full up.
future adjective
my future work; no hope for the future; be interested in the young man’s future; in future.
garden (gardened, gardener, gardening) noun
a beautiful flower-garden; in the back garden is an apple-tree and produce for the table; he is a gardener; my father is gardening.
general (generally) adjective : amount of units
a general rule; a general idea of things; talking generally; the general opinion is; blue eyes are very general; he is generally right.
girl (girls) noun
a good little girl; have 2 girl; a girl to do the housework.
give (gave, given, giver, gives, giving) verb
glass (glasses) noun
windows are made of glass; a glass eye; a glass of water; put your glasses on.
glove (gloved, glover, gloves, gloving) noun
get one’s glove off; his father was a glover; a gloved hand; a fight with the glove.
go (goes, going, gone, went) verb
goat noun
milking a goat.
gold adjective, noun
mining for gold; the exchange of goods for gold; a gold cup; a pocket full of gold; the gold of the sun; gold paper.
good (best, better, goods) adjective
government (governments) noun
a new form of government; one of the government; the government made peace after a long war; responsible for the government of the country.
grain noun
a grain of sand; grain for the birds.
gram (grams) noun : small unit of measure of weight
grass noun
long grass; seated on the grass put out to grass.
gray (grey)
a gray sky; the gray of her eyes.
great (greatly) adjective
a thing of great size; a great dog; a great amount; be greatly troubled; a great man; living among the great.
green adjective, noun
a green coat; grass is green; green is a good color.
grip (gripped, gripper, gripping, grips) noun
he gave my hand a grip; the cord was slipping from his grip; gripping his arm; in the grip of a disease; he has a good grip of the political position; a gripping story; come to grips; .
group (grouped, grouper, grouping, groups) noun
a group of friends; the men were waiting in little group; the houses are grouped, with each group having 4 houses.
growth noun
the growth of plants ideas; the growth of the town has been very quick; a thick growth of low trees; a growth on his face.
guide (guided, guider, guiding) noun
the light is a guide; guiding the men; a guide on the mountain.
gun (guns) noun
he has a gun on his back; the ship’s guns; firing a gun.
hair (hairs, hairy) noun
hairs covering head or body; take out a hair; be brushing one’s hair; the dog has long hair.
hammer (hammered, hammerer, hammering) noun
using a hammer; hammering a nail; hammered metal.
hand (handed, hander, handing, hands) noun
take a book in one’s hand; put one’s hand on; hand up; handing round the plates; a note was handed to him; left-handed; writing a good hand; the hand of the clock; on the 1 the other hand; at first second hand; take in hand; make by hand; have one’s hand full; get off one’s hand; ready to hand; be in someone’s hand; on hand; hand in hand.
hanging (hanger) adjective, noun
be hanging on a cord; hanging up a curtain; a hanging thread; be hanging a man; give help in hanging a picture; put the dress on a hanger; be hanging about.
happy (happier, happily, unhappily, unhappy) adjective
make a person happy; a happy ending; she is very unhappy; they are happily married; a happy saying.
harbor (harbored, harborer, harboring) noun
come into harbor; harboring a friend unkind feelings.
hard (hardy) adjective, adverb
a hard wood; hard work; he gave the boy a hard blow; a hard question; a hard man; it is raining hard be hard on a person; hard at work.
harmony (harmonies) noun
harmony in the family; living in harmony; the harmonies of music.
hat (hated, hats, hatter, hatting, ted) noun
put on a hat; he is a hatter; a touch of the hat.
hate (hated, hater, hating) noun
hate is a bad feeling; he is hated by all; have a hate for work.
have (had, has, having)
he (her, hers, him, his, it, its, she, their, theirs, them, they) pronoun
he is kind; i saw him yesterday; this is his house; it is his; she is his mother; give her this; her hat is black; the book is hers; it is a bird; its wing is broken; it is raining; it seems to me to be late; it may be so; they are wrong; take them away; their father has come; this may be theirs; it is he.
healthy (healthily, unhealthy) adjective
a healthy person; make the wound healthy; they were healthily tired after their playtime; a healthy place; an unhealthy winter.
hearing (hearer, hearers) adjective, noun
our ears are for hearing with; his hearers were moved; his hearing is bad; come into hearing; be out of hearing; at the meeting they would not give him a hearing; after a hearing the actor was given a part; the second hearing; be hearing a sound.
heart noun
his heart is not strong; have a kind heart have his interests at heart; get words by heart, have the heart to; take heart; take to heart.
heat (heated, heater, heating) noun
a degree is a unit for measuring be overcome by the heat; heating food; an electric heater; in the heat of the discussion; a heated argument.
help (helped, helper, helpers, helping) noun
give help to a person; helping the cook; have helpers; the suggestion was a great help; of help.
here adverb
he is here; come here; here is a book; there are houses here and there; here’s to him!.
high (higher, highest) adjective, adverb
a high mountain; it is a mile high; a high degree of heat; a high position in the business; a high opinion of himself; go high up; on high.
history (histories) noun
hole (holes) noun
hollow adjective, noun
the ball is hollow; trees in a hollow; the hollow of his hand.
hook (hooked, hooker, hooking) noun
put his coat on a hook; the hook on the dress; fishing with a hook and line; hooking up the curtain; a hooked nose.
hope (hoped, hoper, hopes, hoping) noun
horn (horns) noun
the cow’s horn; a vessel made of horn; playing on a horn.
horse (horses) noun
go on a horse.
hospital noun
go to a hospital; be in the hospital; a hospital bed.
hour (hours) noun
an hour from now; he did the work in 2 hours; in the hour of his need; at what hour will you come.
house (housed, houser, houses, housing) noun
let a house; a room housing a family of 6; the housing question; a house of religion; a store-house; a fowl-house keep house.
how adverb
humor (humored, humorer, humoring) noun
be in a bad humor; a person with strange humor; humoring an angry man; say with humor; have a sense of humor; see the humor in.
i (me, mine, my, our, ours, us, we) pronoun
i am a boy; i am ill; it is i; give me your hand; that is my book; the other is not mine; we are ready; take us to the house; here are our bags; they are all ours.
ice (iced, icer, icing) noun
put food on ice; icing wine; make an ice.
idea (ideas) noun
have no idea of a thing; be full of ideas; get the idea that; my idea of the animal is not very clear.
if conjunction
ill adjective
important (unimportant) adjective
be in an important position; an important discovery; unimportant detail.
impulse (impulses) noun
have a sudden impulse to do; the agreement gave a new impulse to trade; acting on impulse is sometimes foolish.
in (inner, inside, into) adverb, preposition
in or into power; the position in question; in the pot; in the water; in the field; in space; in the year; in trouble; in the mind; be in business; in danger; in doubt; in thought; in the summer; in the light; dressed in black; experienced in crime; in this book; in the country; in bad condition; in my opinion; in my hearing; in the hope that; in comparison with; in relation to; in bed; in church; in prison; he is in authority here; the dog is shut in; a work in prose; a new government got in; the inner room; the judge said the man was in the wrong; he took a tin tray in exchange for his picture; the picture itself was done in metal wood; the head is turned in a strange way; strange things are done in the name of art; he is in love with a woman who is not in love with him; the lift was in motion; the horse was in flight when he got out; it will be in operation use again today; he gave the facts in answer to a question; he got into bad ways; let her into a secret; in addition to this; the cloth was made into trousers; a coat in bits; a story in detail; in the end; in front of; in memory of him; in time he got well; have in mind; put a person in mind of; papers in order; right in part; take part in; the accounts in question; things in request; walking in step with; in support of this; words in good bad taste; be in touch with; in view of this; have a voice in; be in the way of; take in hand; take into account; a cord in knots; in store for; something in common; fertile in ideas; in the belief hope that; in one’s interests; have belief in a story; he in his turn; arm in arm hand in hand; come in a week; make an error in addition; slow in doing; in flower leaf; go in for; tricked surprised into; in keeping with; put in words; put words into person’s mouth.
inch (inches) : small unit of measure of distance
income (income) noun : amount of money a person has coming in every year
increase (increased, increases, increasing) noun
an increase in power; increasing the rate; on an increasing scale; an increased income; the increase was small.
industry (industries) noun
a person of great industry; the development of trade and industry; trouble in the boot and shoe industry; the industries of the country.
ink (inked, inker, inking, inks) noun
writing with ink; inking a line.
insect (insects) noun
a fly is an insect with wings.
instrument (instruments) noun
a recording instrument; using a sharp instrument; playing on an instrument; a wind instrument; he made use of his friends as instruments for his purpose.
insurance noun
get insurance for one’s house; go to an insurance company; he was late with his insurance money.
interest (interested, interester, interesting, interests) noun
take an interest in history; be interested in others; an interesting play; it has no interest for me; the agreement is against his interest; he has a small interest in the business; get no interest for a year; foolish acts are not in one’s interests; the interest on his money is high; these facts are of interest.
invention (inventions) noun
act of invention; the wheel is a great invention; the story was an invention; working on the invention of a new process.
iron (ironed, ironing, irons) noun
the railing is made of iron; an iron rod; the iron industry; using an electric iron; ironing linen.
island (island) noun
living on an island.
jelly (jellied, jellies) noun
making jelly from fruit; there were jellies and cakes on the table; crushed to a jelly.
jewel (jeweling, jewelled, jeweller, jewels) noun
a green jewel in a ring; take a broken ring to a jeweller; a jewelled coat; a jewel with a blue stone.
join (joined, joiner, joining, joint) noun
the joint between the 2 boards; the joint of the arm; make a joint in the wood; joining 2 threads; with joined hands; her son is a joiner; he is joining his friends by the river tomorrow.
journey (journeyed, journeyer, journeying) noun
take a long journey; the journey there and back; journeying from place to place; go on a journey.
judge (judged, judges, judging) noun
be a good judge of horses; judging the distance; judging by his face; come before a judge.
jump (jumped, jumper, jumping) noun
give a jump over the wall; make a bad jump; jumping from stone to stone.
keep (keeper, keepers, keeping, keeps, kept) verb
keep one’s money; keep a secret; keep a person from doing; the rubber band keeps the pencils together; keep off the grass; keep to the point; he kept his thoughts back; they are keeping the fire burning; he keeps fowls; keep dogs; keep a store; 1 of the keepers in the building; the keeper went out with a gun; he keeps coming to see me; the 2 girls kept talking; she keeps house for her father; he has only her to keep him company; we kept the manager on though it was unwise; he kept his interest up all through the winter; i kept up with the changes in public opinion, and took his place; keep his word; keep an eye on; keep on doing; keep something to oneself; in keeping with; keep clear of; keep her head; keep their mind on; keep time with.
kettle (kettles) noun
put the kettle on the tire; a kettle of water.
key (keyed, keyer, keying, keys) noun
kick (kicked, kicker, kicking) noun
give the thing a kick; kicking the ball; the engine gave a kick when i was starting it.
kind (kindly, unkind) adjective
be kind to animals; have a kind friend; unkind words; smiling kindly; that was very kind of you.
kiss (kissed, kisser, kissing) noun
give her a kiss; kissing his mother.
knee (knees) noun
knife (knifed, knifer, knifing, knives) noun
cutting meat with a knife; all the boys had knives; knifing a man.
knot (knots, knotted, knotter, knotting) noun
put a knot in the thread; the wool is all knotted; knotting the cord; planing down the knots in the board.
knowledge noun
i have no knowledge of it; talking with knowledge; a new bit of knowledge; a good knowledge of that language; in the knowledge that; do it without their knowledge; to my knowledge he is not here.
land (landed, lander, landing) noun
land and sea; land for building on; landing at the town by the sea; landing a fish; go back to the land; working on the land; a bedroom opening onto the landing.
language (languages) noun
suggestions for a new language; talking a strange i; using strong 1; dead language; the language question; the power of language.
last (lasts) adjective, adverb, noun
this is my last chance; his last words; last year he came earlier; at our last meeting; the last time i was there; he was the last to go; that was the last i saw of him; this comes last he came at last; i have seen him for the last time.
late (later, latest) adjective, adverb
it is getting late; late in the day; you are late for the meeting; my late brother; he came late come at 6 at the latest.
laugh (laughed, laughing, laughs, laughter) noun
have a good laugh; he gave a loud laugh; laughing about it; laughing at the boy.
law (laws) noun
lead (leaded, leader, leading) noun
a ball of 1; pipes; leaded windows; the lead of my pencil is broken.
leaf (leaves) noun
a leaf off a tree; the time of the fall of the leaves; a thin leaf of wax; a leaf has come out of the book; trees in leaf.
learning (learner) adjective, noun
he’s not good at learning facts; a simple book for the learner; a person of great learning; you are learning a language.
leather noun
the smell of new leather; a leather coat.
left adjective, noun
the left arm; on the left; to the left a government of the left.
leg (legs) noun
my left leg; the leg of the table; 1 leg of his trousers.
letter (lettered, letterer, lettering, letters) noun
learning the letter; lettering the cards; send a letter to a friend; a man of letter.
level (leveled, leveler, leveling) adjective, noun
the level of the water is lower than that of the field; a high level; of discussion; these are on a level with one another; leveling the road; a leveling tendency; level country; keep the camera level.
library (libraries) noun
building a new library; the town has 3 libraries; he has a good science library.
lift (lifted, lifter, lifting) noun
a lift of the hand; lifting boxes; the clouds are lifting; go up in the lift.
light (lighted, lighter, lighting) adjective, noun
the room is full of light; the shutters keep out the light; lighting the play; have electric light; a wax light give him a light for his pipe; lighting a match; the book gives new light on the question; a light color; facts come to light; the light is on; you are in my light.
like (unlike) adjective, preposition
it is like a flower; the 2 boys are very unlike 1 another; they have like tastes; i had a like experience yesterday; you are acting like a baby; not anything nothing like as good as.
limit (limited, limiter, limiting, unlimited) noun
the town limit; the limit of our knowledge; his hate has no limit; limiting the amount; their power is unlimited; limited views.
line (lined, liner, lines, lining)
a line on paper; a straight line from a to b; a lined face; a line of houses; a line of men; a line of thought; lining the streets; the train came off the line; come into line; something in one’s line; out of line; get a line.
linen noun
a square of linen; a linen dress; send the bed-linen to the wash.
lip noun
biting his lip; she puts paint on her lip; the lip of the pot.
liquid (liquids) adjective, noun
milk is a liquid; liquid air; the butter has become liquid in the heat.
list (listed, lister, listing) noun
a list of words; listing the names.
little (least, less) adjective, adverb, pronoun
there is little food; please make less noise; this boy gave the least trouble; a little house; when i was a little boy; he is little more than a boy; be a little angry; he is less noted than his brother; i am able to do little; he has the least; a little goes a long way; make little of a thing; by little he got well again; there were at.
living (liver) adjective, noun
a living person; he is living in a house town; living on a small income; put the living before the dead; get a living by working; good living.
lock (locked, locker, locking) noun
the door has no lock; locking the door; the house is locked up.
long (longer) adjective
a long distance; hair; a long time; a snake 3 feet long; long measure; he no longer has peace; before long; long before; be long in coming; so long as he goes; so long!.
look (looked, looker, looking, looks) noun
give a look under the seat; looking for the book; a look of regret came over his face; the look of the house; looking sad; looking at the stars; looking after the house; looking down on teachers; on the look-out; looking forward to an event; looking on; looking up to.
loose (loosely, loosly) adjective
a loose tooth; loose papers; her hair was loosely pinned up; a loose person; a loose statement.
loud (loudly) adjective
give a loud cry; a loud voice; say loudly; he is loud in his dress; say out loud.
love (loved, lover, lovers, loving) noun
love for one’s son; loving a baby; he is her lover; she is his i; a love for food; loving to do; make love to a person; his love of animals; be in love with someone.
low (lower) adjective, adverb
a low seat; a low wall; the moon was low; a low branch; a person of low birth; a low opinion of; a low trick; the bird came low.
machine (machined, machiner, machines, machining) noun
that work is now done by a machine; machining a dress.
make (made, maker, makes, making) verb
make cloth; make a law; make a person go; make money; make a living; make history; make use of; make an adjustment; make observations; he is making trouble; make an invention; that made him seem foolish; these walls make a prison; the trade-mark of the maker is on the camera; he made up a story which was not quite true; it was hard to make out the sense of his words; he had made the material into trousers, in error; she made much little of it; made of wool; make a face; make certain; make good; made up of; make up for a loss; make war on; make eyes at; make friends with; make one’s mark in society; make a point of; make things warm for a person; make one’s way.
male adjective, noun
a male voice; a male point of view; the cat is a male.
man (manned, manner, manning, men) noun
a man with a future; a group of men; manning the boats; the history of man; the army will make a man of him.
manager noun
he is in the position of manager; the manager of the business.
map (mapped, mapper, mapping) noun
a map of the country; mapping a journey.
mark (marked, marker, marking, marks) noun
a mark on a dress; a page marked by a dirty hanger; she is marking the linen with her name; a mark over the letter; his last resting-place is marked by a stone; get good mark become a marked man; a marked interest in; a man of mark; be wide of the mark; make one’s mark.
market (marketed, marketer, marketing) noun
there is a market in the town square; take pigs to market; there’s no market for pictures; the cotton market; marketing produce.
married (unmarried) adjective
he is married to my sister; we are going to get married; a married woman; an unmarried girl.
mass (massed, masser, masses, massing) noun
a mass of jelly; a mass of persons; a mass meeting; massing the things together; the mass of a body is not the same thing as its weight; government by the masses; good in the mass.
match (matches) noun
lighting a fire with a match; a box of matches.
material adjective, noun
a material substance; a very material view; using good material make the material into trousers.
may (might) auxiliary, verb
meal noun
have a good meal meal mixed with water.
measure (measured, measurer, measures, measuring) noun
get its in; measuring the top; using a steel measure; a measure of heat; in some measure.
meat noun
get the meat cut up.
medical (medically, unmedical) adjective
go to a medical; man; a medical substance; a medical school; the plant is used medically.
meeting (meetings) adjective, noun
have a meeting with a friend; a meeting of a society; put it before the meeting i am meeting the train.
memory (memories) noun
i have a bad memory; have happy memories of the river; in memory of his father.
metal noun
silver is a white metal; a metal plate; the picture was done in metal.
middle adjective, noun
the middle of a circle; the middle of the day; i was in the middle, with a man on my right, and man on my left; the middle point; might; see may.
mile (miles) noun : long unit of measure of distance
military (unmilitary) adjective
a military event; military dress; his air is quite unmilitary; the military.
milk (milked, milker, milking) noun
have a glass of milk; milking a cow.
mind (minded) noun
he has an interesting mind; the idea is still in her mind; it went out of my mind; i have in mind the picture; it puts me in mind of you; i have a keep one’s mind on; frame of mind.
mine (mined, miner, mining) noun
get gold out of a mine; mining coal; be a miner; a mine of knowledge.
minute (minutes) noun
put it in water for 2 minute; it is 5 minutes to 1; at that minute someone came into the room; i will come in a minute.
mist noun
mixed (unmixed) adjective
2 powders mixed together; get the paints well mixed; pleasure unmixed with regret; a mixed group of women; he has got his ideas very mixed; mixed up.
money noun
give money to a person; make money; put money into a business.
monkey noun
the monkey took a nut.
month (months) noun
it is themonth; come a month from now; the work took 3 months.
moon (moons) noun : body which goes round the earth each month
morning noun
after 12 at night it is morning; the morning has gone quickly; good morning.
mother (mothers) adjective, noun
she became a mother; a mother bird; this language is my mother tongue.
motion (motioned, motioner, motioning) noun
the quick motion of the bird; make a motion with the hand; motioning him to come; put a motion to the meeting; the train is in motion.
mountain (mountains) noun
go up a mountain; a mountain range.
mouth (mouthed, mouther, mouthing) noun
his mouth was open; the cat has a bird in its mouth; he has a way of mouthing his words; the mouth of the bag; near the mouth; of the river; by word of mouth; put words into someone’s mouth.
move (moved, mover, moves, moving) noun
make a move; moving the train forward; make a foolish move; moving play; the hearers were much moved.
much (more, most) adjective, adverb, pronoun
muscle (muscles) noun
the eye is moved by 6 muscles; this work makes one’s arm muscles strong.
music noun
nail (nailed, nailer, nailing, nails) noun
name (named, namer, names, naming) noun
give the name of a person thing; naming the baby; the business has a good name; have a name; for kind acts; done in the name of religion.
narrow adjective
a narrow opening; take a narrow view; be narrow-minded.
nation (nations) noun
natural (naturally, unnatural) adjective
we have to keep our natural; impulses under control; he has a natural love of music; have an unnatural desire for food; the girl is naturally good-humored; make a very natural error; his interest in the boy is quite natural; naturally he was angry; she is very narrow in her behavior.
near (nearer, nearest) adjective, adverb, preposition
come near; they got nearer and nearer to him; they are near here; we are near the time of the test; the town is quite near; the nearest hospital.
necessary (necessarily, unnecessary) adjective
food is necessary for all; take the necessary steps to get him free; a necessary effect; your trouble was quite unnecessary; his statement is not necessarily true.
neck noun
need (needed, needer, needing, needs) noun
there is need for him to go; we are needing help; a person in great need; his needs are simple; have need of.
needle noun
stitching with a needle; threading the needle.
nerve (nerved, nerver, nerving) noun
a pain in the nerve of a tooth; nerving oneself to do; get on one’s nerve.
net (netted, netter, netting) noun
put a net over one’s hair the trees; a fishing-net; netting fish; a hat made of net; a net bag.
new (newest, newly) adjective
news noun
give them the news; get into the news.
night noun
some were working all the day, others all the night; have a good night’s rest; a night at the play; all night; come by night; go to bed at night; good night.
no adjective, adverb, interjection
noise noun
normal (normally, unnormal) adjective
a normal person; a normal number; he is not acting normally.
north adjective, adverb, noun
a north window; a north wind; we went north; the river is north of the mountain; the north of the island is flat; the cold north.
nose noun
not (noted, noting) adverb
note (noted, noter, notes, noting) noun
make a note of it; noting down ideas; send him a note; hearing the note playing without looking; at the note; the money was all in notes; a very noted man; take not of.
now adverb
i will go now; now is the time; we are now going; they have done nothing up to now; from now on he will come every day; now, my point is.
number (numbered, numberer, numbering, numbers) noun : amount of units
nut (nuts) noun
observation (observations, observed) noun
he got his facts by observation; keep a man under observation; make an interesting observation about; he has no observation.
offer (offered, offerer, offering, offers) noun
make an offer; to do the work; offering him some food; no help was offered; what offer; he gave an offering to the church.
office noun
working in an office.
oil (oiled, oiler, oiling) noun
put oil in the machine; oiling a gun.
old adjective
he is an old man now; my coat is old that’s an old story; in the old days; we are old friends; i am 20 years old.
on adverb, preposition
on the top; on a certain day; be on one’s feet; on the list; on a line; hanging on the wall; goods on the market; put shoes on one’s feet; they were all on my side; the sailors went on land; put a tax on goods; trouble on his mind; the story is based on facts; put a value on jewels; the house is farther on; put a record on; put a hat on; the pictures are on view; i came on purpose to see them; this design is on a great small scale; i have a friend on the committee; he is an expert on old prints; he has gone on a journey to get some more; the profit, loss, interest on his business is chiefly through insurance; look! the house is on fire!; let us go keep on; putting water on it; we will go on with the fight till the firemen come; with a person; have an effect on; looking down on; acid acting on material; goods on approval; on condition that; goods on credit; designs on her money; acting on impulse; put on record; take on one side; working on a book; keep an eye on; go on foot; on the 1 hard on a person; and so on; an attack on a man; on coming here; have it on good authority; make war on go on a system; take on a servant; goods on account; on no account; on account of; come on business; come on the chance that; nothing on earth; on the face of it; work on hand; on high; on the look-out; looking on; keep one’s mind on work; on the part of; play on words; smiling on; on second thoughts; trading on one’s name; make a statement on one’s word; on receipt of; get a line on.
only adjective, adverb
i have only 1 pencil; he is only a boy; he came only 1 time; i was only playing; it was not only dark but raining; if only you were here; he is an only son.
open (opened, opener, opening, openly, unopen) adjective
an open door; get the tin open; opening a letter; the box has been opened; open country; please be open with me; he said openly he would not go; it is still an open question; go through an opening; i am opening the discussion; the play has a good opening; question open to argument; opening up a country.
operation noun
business operation; the operation of milking; 2 men are needed for the operation of the machine; do an operation on a person; he had an operation on his leg; the lift is in operation.
opinion (opinions) noun
give us your opinion; i have no opinion about it; in my opinion you are wrong.
opposite adjective, preposition
opposite points of view; on the opposite side of the street; they went in opposite directions; we are opposite the house; green is the opposite of red.
or conjunction
you or i will go; living or dead; 2 or 3; is it true or not; the foot, or base, of a mountain; or you may say.
orange (oranges) adjective, noun
take an orange off the plate; the door is painted light orange; the book has an orange cover.
order (ordered, orderer, ordering, orders) noun
put the letters in a certain order; the chief gave an order; send an order to the store for goods; he was ordered to go; ordering a coat; ants and worms are in different order; she is joining an order; he was rewarded with an order; accounts kept in order; no smoking, by order; ; goods made to order; in order to; the lift is out of order.
organization noun
the school has no organization; an organization for helping persons who have been in prison; the organization of an army is a very complex business.
ornament (ornamented, ornamenter, ornamenting) noun
an ornament on the shelf hat; ornamenting the room with flowers.
other (others) adjective, pronoun
he came to a stop and the other man did the same; have you any other suggestion; come some other time; was any person there other than you; others may see us; take 1 or the other of the books; talking to 1 another; i, on the other hand, went to town; every other day; the other day.
out (outer, outside) adverb
let us go out; flowers come out; breathing out; i had a tooth out today; an outer cover; the outer door is open; say straight out; be reading out loud; get worked out get out a book; the light fire went out; let out the skirt; make out the sense; go out of the room; be out of breath; out of touch with; put out of the way; get out of doing; stamping rubbing out; men come out go out of business; out of doors; put out to grass; out of line; be on the look-out; out of order; out of pocket; out of the question; walking out of step; tired of; out of turn; turning out well; washing out clothing.
oven noun
put meat in the oven.
over adverb, preposition
a cover over the meat; have authority over a person; there is a window over the door; the bird is over a house; get over a wall; jumping over the water; a change came over him; get over a disease; go over to the other side; he is over 21; the war is over the boy was pushed over; the page is turned over; say the words over; straight over there; turning it over in one’s mind.
owner (owners) noun
he is the owner of a newspaper a dog.
page (paged, pager, pages, paging) noun
a book of 100 pages; paging the book; writing on 1 side of the page only.
pain (pained, painer, paining) noun
his tooth gives him pain; he is in pain; my hand is paining me; she has a pained look on her face.
paint (painted, painter, painters, painting, paints) noun
put paint on the wall; a box of paint; painting the house; making a picture; he is a noted painter; a painting of ships.
paper (papered, paperer, papering, papers) noun
put paper round the meat; put down on paper; papering a room; writing for a paper; reading a paper on language.
parallel (unparallel) adjective, noun
parallel lines; the questions are not parallel; there is an interesting parallel to this in history.
parcel noun
make a parcel of the shoes; put the food into a parcel; send it by parcel train.
part (parted, parter, parting, parts) noun, transitive
he gave me part of the field; go part of the way; the heart is a part of the body; 2 parts of acid and 5 of water; parting the animals; be acting a small part; your parting is not straight; a sad parting; in part because he was ill; take part in a play; i for my part; for the most part; on the part of.
past (pasting) adjective, adverb, noun, preposition
his past crimes; my past experience; my best years are past it is 10 minutes past 6; i was taken past my station; they went past slowly; events in the past; the train goes at 15‍minutes past 1.
paste (pasted, paster, pasting) noun
the paste is ready to go in the oven; put the paper on the walls with paste; pasting 2 pages together.
payment noun
the first payment is; his payment was a kind word; attempting the payment of his debts; he made payment of the full amount.
peace noun
make peace with a country; the peace of night; peace of mind; the nations are at peace.
pen (ned, ner, penning) noun
writing with a pen; penning a long letter.
pencil (penciled, pencilled, penciller, pencilling, pencils) noun
the point of my pencil is broken; a penciled note.
person (people, persons) noun
every person in the room; an important person; young person come in person.
physical (physically, unphysical) adjective
our knowledge of physical things; have great physical force; physically he is like his father.
picture (pictured, picturer, pictures, picturing) noun
painting a picture of the girl; the picture takes 2 hours; give a picture of events; picturing things to oneself; take a picture with a camera.
pig (pigs) noun
he keeps pigs.
pin (pinned, pinner, pinning, pins) noun
pipe (piped, piper, pipes, piping) noun
place (placed, placer, placing) noun
this is the place where i saw the animal; go from 1 place to another; take one’s place; the place where the story gets sad; placing the cake on the table; we are well placed here for seeing the stage; here is a place for you; she has a good place in a store; events take place; in the first place; give place to; in place of; a place in the sun.
plane (planed, planer, planing) noun
plant (planted, planter, planting, plants) noun
a garden plant; planting trees; an electric-light plant; needing new plant.
plate (plated, plater, plates, plating) noun
put food on a plate making steel plate; on the door was a brass plate; some cameras take pictures on glass plate; a silver-plated tray.
play (played, player, playing, plays) noun
the boys’ play was rough; he is playing with a ball; playing foot ball; put a play on the stage; playing an instrument; get a play up; at play, come into play; do in play; a play on words; playing a trick.
please (pleased, pleases, pleasing) interjection
please give me some money; may i please come; yes, please do; i was pleased by the play; a pleasing face; be pleased with.
pleasure (pleasures) noun
there is no pleasure in getting wet; take a pleasure in gardening; the pleasure of doing good work; writing is a pleasure to him; the pleasure of the town; simple pleasures come and go; at pleasure.
plow (plough, plowed, plower, plowing) noun
the plow is pulled by a horse; plowing a field; the ship was plowing through the waves.
pocket (pocketed, pocketer, pocketing) noun, transitive
take money out of one’s pocket; a drain on his pocket; pocketing the profits; a pocket of poisoned water; he is out of pocket through this business.
point (pointed, pointer, pointing, points) noun
the point of the pencil; a pointed end; pointing to the man; the pointer of the instrument; 4 point 5 4; boiling-point; put a stick in at this point; my point in coming; the point of the argument; make a good point; a point in space; a point of view; your answer is not to the point; pointing at the men; make a point of.
poison (poisoned, poisoner, poisoning) noun
give the rats poison; poisoned by taking bad meat.
polish (polished, polisher, polishing) noun
rubbing with polish; get a good polish on the shoes; polishing with a duster; a person with polish; polished writing.
political (politically, unpolitical) adjective
the 2 countries have different political systems; his outlook is quite unpolitical; politically he is very expert.
poor (poorly) adjective, noun
the family is very poor; the country is poor in water; the ink is poor; the table is poorly made; the poor man has been sent to prison; food for the poor.
porter noun
the porter took the bags; the porter’s place is by the door.
position noun
this is the position of my house; the coal-owners are in a strong position; i have a position at the business; seated in a strange position in position.
possible (impossible, possibly) adjective
a possible event; it is possible to get there today; i may possibly go; such a thing is impossible; come if possible.
pot (potted, potter, potting) noun
put the pot on the table; potted meat; potting a plant; the potter’s wheel.
potato (potatoes) noun
give me 1 potato with my meat, please; get potatoes up with a spade.
powder (powdered, powderer, powdering, powders) noun
she put powder on her face; powdering one’s hair; powdered sugar; he took a powder for his cold.
power (powers) noun
have the power to do; great power of mind; i have no power in my arm; water-power is used for driving the machine; electric power; have power over; be in power; one of the great powers.
present adjective, noun
the present position of the country; all were present at the meeting; living in the present; happy at present.
price (priced, pricer, prices, pricing) noun
the price of the house is high; get it at a low price; the dress is priced at £10; we are pricing goods.
print (printed, printer, printing, prints) noun
the print is very small; his verses are in print; printing a book; directions for the printer; an old print of the country; there is a print in the sand; give me a print of that picture.
prison (prisoned, prisoner, prisoners, prisoning) noun
be kept in a dark prison; prison made him bitter; be sent to prison; be in prison; prisoning her hand; the prisoners are happy; take a person prisoner.
private (privately, privatly) adjective
send a private letter; one’s private views; this is not a store, it is a private house; the garden is very private; they saw 1 another privately.
probable (improbable, probably) adjective
a probable event; it seems probable that he will come; you are probably right; the story is improbable.
process (processed, processer, processes, processing) noun
waving hair is a delicate process; the processes of growth; go through the process of being washed; there will be a long law process if the agreement is broken; the discovery of a new process; processed cheese.
produce (produced, producer, producing) noun
the produce from the farm; producing goods for the market; this effect is produced by the sun; the producer of the play.
profit (profited, profiter, profiting, profits) noun
the business made a small profit; what profit was it to him; profiting by his knowledge; the profit on the business was high; at a profit.
property noun
that book is my property; he has a property in the country; it has not the property of an acid.
prose noun
protest (protested, protester, protesting) noun
public (publicly) adjective, noun
he gave a public; talk in a public place; let us go where it is less public; he made the statement publicly; he has a small public for his books; putting ideas before the public.
pull (pulled, puller, pulling) noun
give the cord a pull; have a pull at the boot; pulling the cat’s tail; he had a pull with the authorities.
pump (pumped, pumper, pumping) noun
get water from the pump; pumping air into a cushion.
punishment noun
he was sent to be bed as a punishment for crying; the punishment of the men took place at night; his punishment was the loss of his friends.
purpose (purposed, purposer, purposing) noun
he had a purpose in coming; he was purposing to do it; he came on purpose; to see you; he did it to no some purpose.
push (pushed, pusher, pushes, pushing) noun
give the table a push; their pushes had no effect on the door; pushing a hand-cart; good businessmen have push.
quality (qualities) noun
the hard quality of the stone; he has a number of good qualities; the cloth is of the best quality; a good quality shoe.
question (questioned, questioning, questions) noun
put a question to him; questioning a person; the question of what to do now; it is a question of organization; i am not questioning his word; there is no question that he took the money.
quick (quicker, quickly) adjective
quick train; have a quick journey; a quick move; talking quickly; he has a quick tongue; quick at languages.
quiet (quietly, unquiet) adjective, noun
a quiet place; the night is quiet; make them be quiet; she was crying quietly; a quiet horse; have a quiet day; a quiet color; an unquiet mind; in the quiet of the night.
quite adverb
i am quite ready; not quite the right color; he is quite kind; quite a good book.
rail (railing, rails)
a rail round the tree; railing off the flowers; the train came off the rails; go by rail; a railing round the field.
rain (rained, raining) noun
wind and rain; it is raining; blows were rained on him.
range (ranged, ranges, ranging) noun
across a range of mountains; ranging the books on the shelf; the boys were ranged before him; a range of goods; ranging from black to white; a narrow range of thought; the range of a gun.
rat (rating, rats)
ray (raying) noun
sending out a ray of light; ray from the fire; raying its heat in all directions; a ray of hope; the ray of a flower.
reaction noun
reading noun
ready (readily, unready) adjective
get ready to go out; the meal is ready; he was ready to do whatever was necessary; give a ready answer; have a ready tongue; be unready to give his approval; they readily made room for us; the book is ready to hand.
reason (reasoned, reasoner, reasoning) noun
i have a reason for going; do animals have reason; reasoning about a question; reasoning with a boy; a reasoned answer; he went away for this reason; anything in reason; have reason to; there is every reason why.
receipt (receipting) noun
give a receipt for the goods payment; receipting an account; 1 am in receipt of your letter; i will do it on receipt of your payment.
record (recorded, recorder, recording) noun
make a record of the agreement; his past record is good; recording one’s experiences; make a record of his playing; he made a record for the high jump; the record is broken again; do it in record time; the facts are on record.
red adjective, noun
regret (regretted, regretter, regretting) noun
feeling regret that 1 was unkind; have no regret about the past; regretting the loss of his watch; he has no regret for his acts; to my regret it is still there.
regular (irregular, regularly) adjective
the lines are regular; a regular rhythm; her teeth are very irregular; get regular work; a regular event; he sees her regularly.
relation (relations) noun
the relation between being good and being happy; this is small in relation to that; our relation with that country have never been good; she is one of his relation; have sex relation with.
religion (religions, religious) noun
take up a new religion; they are not interested in religion.
representative noun
this may be taken as a representative of the group; send a representative to the meeting; a representative selection; representative of all shades of opinion.
request (requested, requester, requesting) noun
make a request for some more; requesting him to come; his books were much in request; the song was given by request.
respect (respected, respecter, respecting) noun
the boy has no respect for his teachers; the old man is respected by all; respecting the opinions of others.
responsible (irresponsible, responsibly) adjective
if the meat is bad, the heat is responsible; the law makes the owner responsible; put it in the hands of a responsible person; she is quite irresponsible; he will do his part responsibly; a responsible position; he was responsible for her death.
rest (rested, rester, resting) noun
have a rest on the bed; take a rest from work; resting one’s eyes; the rest of the books will come later; his arm is resting on the table; his mind was at rest.
reward (rewarded, rewarder, rewarding) noun
rhythm noun
dancing to the rhythm of the music; the rhythm of the heart.
rice noun
ring (ringed, ringer, ringing) noun
put ring on the curtain; the house is ringed with trees; she has ring on her fingers; a ringed hand; a ring formed by the ship-owners.
river (rivers) noun
have a swim in the river a river of blood.
road (roads) noun
walking in the road; go by road.
rod (rods) noun
roll (rolled, roller, rolling) noun
take down a roll of cloth; give the ball a roll; the cart was rolling down the slope; rolling up the paper; the roll of the sea; the ship is rolling; go over the earth with a roller; be rolling the grass.
roof (roofed, roofer, roofing) noun
room (rooms) noun
a house with 5 rooms; there is room for another box.
root (rooted, rooter, rooting, roots)
the tree has deep root; rooted in the earth; the root of the trouble; the tree took root in the earth.
rough (roughly) adjective
rough cloth; a rough road; a rough copy; a roughly cut stone; a rough man; be rough with the boy.
round (roundly) adjective, adverb, preposition
a round button; a round ball; the wheels of the cart go round; the girls are going round the tree; all the year round; round the other side; come round after an operation.
rub (rubbed, rubber, rubbing) noun
give the table a rub; give his back a rub; rubbing the silver; a bit of rubber; a rubber sponge; take the marks off the paper with a rubber; the horse got badly rubbed by the leather; rubbing stamping out.
rule (ruled, ruler, rules, ruling) noun
make new rule for the society; make your lines with a rule; ruling lines; under the rule of the leader; the ruler of the country; ruling a country well; as a rule.
run (runner) noun
have a run; go for a run; in the long run; at a run.
sad (sadder, sadly) adjective
have a sad face; a sad story; a sad man; he said it sadly.
safe (safely, safly, unsaf, unsafe) adjective, noun
put the money in a safe place; keep the jewels safe; it is unsafe to go; they got back safely; the safe has been broken open.
sail (sailed, sailing, sailor, sailors) noun
put up the sail; sailing a ship in the north sea; go for as; the sailors are cleaning the ship.
salt (salted, salter, salting) noun
put salt in the food; salting the meat; when you have stomach trouble, take salt; the salt of copper are blue.
same adjective, pronoun
the 2 friends went to the same place; they have the same walk; these pictures are the same; he says the same; all the same; at the same time.
sand (sands) noun
stretch of sand by the sea; put sand on the floor; playing on the sands.
say (said, saying, says) verb
say words; say something to the man; say to oneself; say no to his suggestion; it says in the book that it is so; “yes,” he said; the book says; an old saying; say the words over; that is to say.
scale (scaled, scaler, scales, scaling) noun
school (schooled, schooler, schooling) noun
the school by the church; go to school; schooling oneself to undergo pain; a new school of thought painting; the boys were at school.
science noun
scissors (scissors) noun
cutting with scissors; this store keeps scissors.
screw (screwed, screwer, screwing) noun
the board is fixed to the wall with screw; screwing a top on a bottle; he was screwing up the box.
sea noun
a ship on the sea; go to sea in a boat; the boats are at sea.
seat (seated, seater, seating, seats) noun
a hard seat; take a seat by the fire; the seat of his trousers; seating oneself on the floor; the seat of the trouble.
second (seconds) adjective, adverb, noun
the second man in the line; give it a second thought; put him second; he was second; the second to get there; i was a second late; facts at second hand.
secret (secretly) adjective, noun
a secret store of gold; have a secret agreement; they are meeting secretly; it was a secret between them; let him into the secret.
secretary (secretaries) noun
the work has been done by my secretary; the secretary of an important organization; he has 3 secretaries.
see (saw, seeing, seen, sees) verb
seed (seeded, seeder, seeding, seeds) noun
put a seed in the earth; plants come from seeds; the plants are seeding; a black-seeded flower; the seed of the new learning; these flowers have gone to seed.
seem (seemed, seeming, seems) verb
you seem to be angry; he seems uncertain; it seemed right to go; it seems to me that there is no hope.
selection noun
make a selection; they were a good selection.
self (oneself, selves) noun
send (sender, sending, sends, sent) verb
send a letter by runner; send goods by train; send him news; send out a smell; the plant is sending out roots; the girl was sent away; war sends prices up; give the sender’s name; sending a stone at the window; he sent word of his doings.
sense (sensed, senser, senses, sensing) noun
the use of one’s 5 sense; sense experience; your words have no sense she had the sense to get a medical man; a sense of right and wrong; sensing danger; it was hard to make out the sense of what he said; come to one’s sense.
separate (separated, separately, separating, separatly, separator) adjective
get the stones separate from the sand; the boys have separate rooms; the solid i separated from a liquid by a special process; separating the 2 dogs; the farmer has a separator; he saw them separately.
serious (seriously) adjective
a serious person; take a serious interest in art; be talking seriously; serious news; a serious wound.
servant (servants) noun
an old family servant; the manager is a servant of the company; take on a servant.
sex (sexes) noun
shade (shaded, shader, shades, shading) noun
in the shade of the tree; shading his eyes with his hand; a shade of blue; his shade is walking.
shake noun
give oneself a shake; give his hand a shake.
shame (shamed, shamer, shaming) noun
sharp (sharply) adjective
the pin had a sharp point; get the knife sharp; he’s a sharp boy; a sharp turn in the pipe; the road goes sharply up at this point; she said something sharp; a sharp pain in the head.
sheep (sheep) noun
shelf (shelves) noun
ship (shipped, shipper, shipping, ships) noun
get on a ship; shipping the goods to the country across the sea.
shirt noun
shock (shocked, shocker, shocking) noun
the shock of steel meeting steel; the shock of getting into cold water; an electric shock; the news gave me a shock; i was shocked to see him crying; a shocking crime; her mother was shocked by her short skirt.
shoe (shoed, shoeing, shoer, shoes, shoing) noun
put your shoe on; the horses shoe came off; shoeing a horse.
short adjective
a short line; go a short way; take a short time; he is a short man; short of food; be short with a person; stopping short of.
shut (shutter, shutters, shutting) adjective, noun
the door is shut; shutting her eyes; the shutters are down; the house is shut up.
side (sided, sider, sides, siding) noun
at the side of the house; a side view; siding with the army; a wound in his side; a different side of the question; walking side by side with her; take on 1 side.
sign (signed, signer, signing) noun
he made a sign with his hand; a road sign; signing to the driver to come on; this is the sign for a stop; there’s no sign of it; signing one’s name.
silk noun
a dress made of silk; silk gloves; stitching with silk.
silver (silvered, silverer, silvering) adjective, noun
a ring made of silver; silvering a water-pot; a silver tray; give me silver for this note; clouds touched with silver; a silver sea.
simple (simply) adjective
a simple animal; simply dressed; it is quite simple to make; the answer is simple; a simple country girl.
sister noun
she is his sister.
size noun
skin (skinned, skinner, skinning) noun
a man with a dark skin; take the skin off the fruit; dressed in skin; skinning an animal.
skirt (skirted, skirter, skirting) noun
lifting up her skirt in the wet; skirting the town; let out a skirt.
sky (skies) noun
sleep (sleeping) noun
talking in his sleep; have a good sleep; he had gone to sleep.
slip (ping, slipped, slipper, slipping) noun
her foot gave a slip; they were slipping on the ice; the note was.
slope (sloped, sloper, sloping) noun
the slope of the roof is sharp; a sloping line; the house is on the top of a slope.
slow (slowest, slowly) adjective
it is a slow journey; they are slow workers; the train was going slowly; the slowest boy in the school; he is slow at learning; slow in doing.
small (smaller, smallest) adjective
a small girl; a small amount; say in a small voice; a small trader; a small error; he has some small change for the porter.
smash (smashed, smasher, smashes, smashing) noun
the sound of a smash of cups; smashing the stones; there were 2 smashes on the railway today; the business had a smash; the business went smash.
smell (smelled, smeller, smelling) noun
there was a strong smell of cooking; the nose is for smelling with; a sweet-smelling oil; the dog had a smell at the meat.
smile (smiled, smiler, smiling) noun
a smile on her face; he gave a quick smile; they were all smiling; smiling on everyone.
smoke (smoked, smoker, smokers, smoking) noun
a cloud of smoke came from the fire; the fire is smoking; let us have a smoke; smoking a pipe; this carriage is for smokers; his business i smoke smoking fish; a tin of smoked meat.
smooth (smoothed, smoother, smoothing, smoothly, unsmooth) adjective
the walls are smooth; the ship was sailing smoothly over the sea; smoothing his hair; the way is smooth for her; all has gone smoothly up to now; a smooth way of talking.
snake noun
there is a snake in the grass.
sneeze (sneezed, sneezer, sneezing) noun
give a sneeze; sneezing violently.
snow (snowed, snower, snowing) noun
there is snow on the roof; it is snowing.
so adverb, conjunction, pronoun
i am so tired that i am going to bed; if it is so; quite so; i was so wrong and so were you; he says so; please do so i will come, so you may go; so as to get it done; eggs, fruit, and so on; so that in the end he was right; so long; be so tired; even so.
soap (soaped, soaper, soaping) noun
society (societies) noun
crime is a disease of society; different societies have different ways; she is not in society; forming a school society.
sock (socks) noun
he had a hole in his sock.
soft (softly) adjective
resting on a soft bed; a soft touch on his face; a soft wind; a soft voice; the band was playing softly.
solid (solidly, unsolid) adjective, noun
wood is a solid substance; a solid wall; a solid book; the snow was solidly massed against the door.
some adjective, pronoun
here are some apples; i have some butter; he went away some time back; some cows have no horns; he was with some other person; some day i will come and see you; some of these are ready; have some more; of some size; by some measure.
son (sons) noun
song noun
sort (sorted, sorter, sorting, sorts) noun
a strange sort of fruit; sorting letters; sorted into groups.
sound (sounded, sounder, sounding) noun
a sound of laughing came to her ears; the sound of feet; sounding a bell; sounding happy.
soup noun
south adjective, adverb, noun
a south wall; a south wind; go south; the town is south of the mountains; in the south of the country; the ice wastes of the south.
space (spaced, spacer, spacing) noun
come to an open space; a space of time; there is a space between the beds; spacing the houses well; there is space for another person here; the earth is moving in space.
spade noun
get roots up with a spade.
special (specially) adjective
he has no special reason for going; a special drink; a special train; be specially interested in art.
sponge (sponged, sponger, sponging) noun
get the sponge full of water; sponging the wound.
spoon (spoons) noun
put the spoon in the pot.
spring noun
the spring of the watch is broken; water from the spring; birds come in the spring; spring to take a jump into the water.
square (squared, squarer, squaring) adjective
a square of cloth; a square has 4 equal sides; squaring the edges; squared paper; living in the town square; the square of 2 is 4; 5 squared is equal to 25; a square box; square measure.
stage (staged, stager, staging) noun
the painters put a stage round the house; put a play on the stage; staging a play; at a later stage; an interest in the stage.
stamp (stamped, stamper, stamping) noun
the maker’s stamp is on the metal; stamping the form; the letter has no stamp; a rubber stamp; put one’s foot down with a stamp; give a stamp; stamping rubbing out.
star (starred, starrer, starring, stars) noun
moon and star; flowers starring the grass; a printer’s star; a starred word.
start (started, starter, starting) noun
make a start now; at the start of my talk; starting a book.
statement (statements) noun
make a statement about; the art of clear statement.
station (stationed, stationer, stationing) noun
the train came into the station; be sent to a station in that country; a fire station; he is stationed on the island.
steam (steamed, steamer, steaming) noun
the water gave off steam; the pot is steaming; go by steamer; steaming into harbor; steaming fish; get up steam.
steel (steeled, steeler, steeling) noun
a rod made of steel; a steel ship; steeling oneself to go.
step (stepped, stepper, stepping, steps) noun
stick (sticks, stuck) noun
walking with the help of a stick; make a fire of sticks; a stick of sugar.
sticky adjective
liquid sugar is sticky.
stiff (stiffly) adjective
put the picture on card or stiff paper; a stiff collar; the jelly is not stiff enough; he was very stiff with me; i am stiff after such a long swim; the lock is stiff; he is walking stiffly.
still adverb
he is still a boy; still, it is not bad.
stitch (stitched, stitcher, stitches, stitching) noun
make a stitch; take out the stitches; stitching a skirt; a brown bag with white stitching.
stocking (stockings)
have shoes and stocking on.
stomach noun
he has no food in his stomach; a man with a fat stomach.
stone (stoned, stoner, stones, stoning) noun
a house of stone; stone steps; a road covered with stone; seated on a stone; the dog was stoned by boys; a stone has come out of her ring; take the stone out of the fruit; stoning fruit.
stop (stopped, stopper, stopping) noun
working without a stop; stopping work; stopping the machine; make a stop in the town; she is stopping with the baby; there is a stop after the word; put a stopper in the bottle; the stopping; had stopped come out of my tooth; put a stop end to this talking; the train came to a stop; drain stop; get stopped up.
store (stored, storer, storing) noun
get goods at a store; keep a store a store of oil; storing wine; trouble was in store for him.
story (stories) noun
straight (unstraight) adjective, adverb
make a straight line; he’s a straight person; go straight to the point; he got tired of it straight away; say straight out; it is straight over there.
strange (strangely, strangy) adjective
his behavior was very strange; she was looking at me strangely; the writing was strange to me; strangely enough.
street (streets) noun
a narrow street; there are no houses on that side of the street; a street light; go up down the street.
stretch (stretched, stretcher, stretches, stretching) noun
a wide stretch of sea; she saw nobody for long stretches of time; give the elastic a stretch; a stretch of sense; stretching himself; take him away on a stretcher.
strong (strongly, strongy) adjective
have strong muscles; make a strong protest; they were pulling strongly; a strong smell.
structure noun
put up a structure of wood; the body has a complex structure.
substance noun
put a rubber substance on the road; shades have no substance; there is no substance in these stories.
such adjective, adverb, pronoun
sudden (suddenly)
sugar (sugared, sugarer, sugaring) noun
i do not take sugar in my food; sugaring the cake.
suggestion (suggestions) noun
make a suggestion about the work; the suggestion was that i had done it; make a person do things by suggestion.
summer noun
we have fruit in the summer; a summer dress.
sun (sunned, sunner, sunning) noun
support (supported, supporter, supporting) noun
this is a support for the roof; supporting a great weight; do nothing for one’s support; supporting one’s mother; give support to an organization; a supporter of the view; in support of this statement.
surprise (surprised, surpriser, surprising) noun
i had no feeling of surprise; a surprise event; surprising his friends; the news was a surprise; he was taken by surprise; there was surprise at their words; to my surprise he was not there; surprised into.
sweet (sweetly, sweets, unsweet) adjective, noun
sugar is sweet a sweet song; be smiling sweetly; have a sweet at the end of the meal; a box of sweet.
swim (swimmer, swimming, swims) noun
have a swim; go for a swim.
system (systems) noun
the railway system of the country; a system of ideas; a system of pipes; get poison into the system; a system of farming; he has no system in his work.
table (tables) noun
tail (tails) noun
cats have long tails; the tail of the bird.
take (taken, takes, taking, took) verb
take money; the dog will not take food; building takes time; take a chance; take a look at the picture; i took down his words; take a dog for a run; take 5 from 35; take a pleasure in helping others; take off clothing; take over a business; take trouble with one’s work; take a breath; take a position; take a suggestion; take a walk; take a house; take a rest after a day of hard work; the play has taken his mind off his troubles; did you take in the sense of what he said; he took the bad news well; he took up the question painting with great interest; he did not take into account all the details; he said he would take a picture but he had no camera; we took him for an expert; the news took us by surprise; place at 4:00; i took him on 1 side; take in hand; the tree had taken root there; i take it that you are coming; take on servants work; he took it on himself to go; the nations took up arms; be taken up with one’s thoughts; take cover; take effect; take fire; take to heart; take heart from my words; take a person prisoner; take turns at the wheel; take the trouble to go.
talk (talked, talker, talking) noun
tall adjective
a tall person; tall buildings; he is 6 feet tall.
taste (tasted, taster, tastes, tasting) noun
the fruit has a good taste; give the meat a taste; tasting the soup; there is something wrong with his taste; bad taste in pictures; give me a taste of your soup; the words were not in good taste; the music is not to my taste; put in salt to taste.
tax (taxed, taxer, taxes, taxing) noun
teaching (teacher, teachers) adjective, noun
be good at teaching the young; the teaching of the early people; he is teaching in a school; a history teacher.
tendency (tendencies) noun
have a tendency to be late; the development of early tendencies.
test (tested, tester, testing) noun
put a machine through a test; testing his statement; be given a science test; put to the test.
than conjunction
that (those) adjective, conjunction, pronoun
that man there; that is a tree; that is not true; who was that; he was so angry that he gave me a blow; i said that he was wise; that is to say; so, that; for all that.
the adjective
the man in the black coat; the gold question; the 1 thing needed; the poor are ever here; the town is on the river; the quicker he goes; the better for him.
then adverb, conjunction
it was different then; he was then 10 years old; then i will see you tomorrow; then he got angry; we came first to a field and then to a wood; do it, then.
theory (theories) noun
put forward a theory of how the crime was done; a theory of values; her 2 theories; in theory.
there adverb
he was not there at the time of the smash; there is the place; are you there; i am in agreement with you there; there is time for a meal; here and there you come across a man with money; there!.
thick (thickly) adjective
building a thick wall; the board is 2 inches thick; your hair is very thick; country thickly covered with trees; a thick mist; thick soup.
thin (thinly) adjective
a thin book; a thin person; the grass is thin thin blood; thinly clothed.
thing (things) noun
it is quite a small thing; a thing for making holes; get thing for the house; do a number of thing; the thing is on my mind; how are thing going; take control of things; the great thing is to be healthy; poor thing!.
this (these) adjective, pronoun
this house here is mine; this time we will go together; come this week; this is my room; who is this; this makes us equal; my point is this.
though conjunction
the road is wet though it is not raining; though old, he is strong.
thought (thoughts) noun
put thought into words; have no thought of going; troubled by the thought of death; give thought to the question; be deep in thought; on second thoughts, i will not go.
thread (threaded, threader, threading, threads) noun
there is a thread on your coat; get some red thread; threading a needle; threading one’s way through the trees; the thread of the argument.
throat noun, verb
have a dry throat; take food down one’s throat; he put his hands round her throat.
through adverb, preposition
go through the hole; come through the door; all through the day; breathing through one’s nose; a hole through the wall; see through a trick; get through money work; do it through a representative; get through.
thumb (thumbed, thumber, thumbing) noun
thunder (thundered, thunderer, thundering) noun
there is thunder about; it is thundering; the thunder of the guns; the army were thundering on the door.
ticket (ticketed, ticketer, ticketing) noun
get a ticket for the play; the price ticket; ticketing the books.
tight (tightly) adjective
in a tight grip; his hands were chained tightly together; a tight dress; a tight knot; get the cord pulled tight.
till conjunction, preposition
time (timed, timer, times, timing) noun
we have no time for a meal; give time to work; the process takes a long time; at 1 time the sea came up here; in the time of the leader; the meeting is timed for 10; timing an event; the time is 4; i went 3 times; 4 times 3 is 12; the band’s time was wrong; in time his wound became serious; at time he seemed quite well; he came in time for the meeting; they came 3 at a time; at the same time this may be said; keep time with; time off.
tin (tinned, tinner, tinning) noun
a flat bit of tin; a tin plate; keep cake in a tin; tinning fish; tinned milk.
tired (tire, tiredly, tires, untired) adjective
he gets tired quickly; after dancing till 2, she was quite untired; they were walking tiredly down the road; the music makes me tired; i get tired of his talk; she was tired out after the walk.
to adjective, preposition
go to the play; an addition to the family; give it to me; give attention to details; he has a right to the property; an answer to a question; a help to the memory; the street is parallel to the river; that is equal to this; a danger to the public; in debt to; she is married to a person from a different country; be kind to animals; a wound to one’s feelings; that music is not to my taste; the question is not open to argument; they have 2 machines face to face; they have 2 machines back to back; your answer is not to the point; to my surprise and regret, it is still going on; bad music is dear to the public; most of us are slow to get used to new forms of art; i was able to make this last use clear earlier; to light; he got into bad ways; she gave birth to a son; newspapers are given to printing wrong facts; she had gone to sleep; i am going to come; i have to go; i have nothing to do with her; she let us into her secret; i made the material into a dress; she said that in answer to his question; this may be of use to you; he’s about to go; it was changing from day to day; that is to say; so as to get it right; in addition to this; his coat had come to bits; it was to his credit; have a good mind to say so; he made ships to scale; i put a stop to it; he gave way to his feelings; i kept my word to him; the boxes were at right angles to one another; he had the face to say; the flowers had gone to seed; as to that; here’s to him! they came to blows about it; come to grips; she came to her senses again; it comes to this; get to work on; he kept the secret to himself; she put the words into my mouth; they were put to the test to flight; i will see to the food; he was tricked into doing it; she was walking up to him; a person answering to your account; you have no business to do it; put the design into effect; he said it to my face; to the good; the horse was put out to grass; have ready to hand; have the heart to; take it to heart; to my knowledge it was not so; i am looking forward to the meeting; looking up to authority is right; these boots were made to order; i came in order to see you; i gave place to a younger man; it was all to no purpose; i have reason to say so; put in salt to taste; soft to the touch; put it down to.
today adverb, noun : on this day
toe (toes) noun
together adverb
we went out together; they all did it together; put things together; let us get together; this together with that is very surprising.
tomorrow adverb
i will go tomorrow; tomorrow is the day of the test; the day after tomorrow.
tongue noun
put out your tongue; talking a strange tongue; the tongue of the shoe has come off; they are out on that tongue of land; tongue of flame.
tonight adverb, noun : on this night
tooth (teeth) noun
i have a hole in a tooth; she has very white teeth; the tooth of a wheel.
top (topped, topper, topping) noun
go to the top of the mountain; the top of the table; the top card; there is a church topping the slope; a snow-topped wall; put the top on the bottle; he is at the top of the business; topping a list.
touch (touched, toucher, touching) noun
she gave her hair a touch; learning by touch; touching the flowers; the wires are touching; a good touch on the instrument; the smooth touch of the polished wood; a touching story; he was out of not in touch with the authorities; the camera picture was touched up; a cat is soft to the touch; a touch of the hat.
town noun
have a house in the town.
trade (traded, trader, trading) noun
taxes are bad for trade; do trade with a country; trading with 1 an other; the linen trade his trade is making shoes; he does trade in horses; he was trading on his name.
train (trained, trainer, training, trains) noun
take the train to the town; go by train a train of carriages; give him a good training as a builder; training a horse; a trained secretary; he is an animal trainer.
transport (transported, transporter, transporting) noun
a ship for the transport of goods; the transport business; damaged in transport; transporting machines from the business to the river.
tray noun
put the drinks on a tray.
tree (trees) noun
the tree gives shade; an apple tree make a tree of the family.
trick (tricked, tricker, tricking, tricks) noun
this is the trick of opening it; he does trick with cards; the dog does a balancing trick; he got the money by a trick; tricking his friend; tricked into; playing a trick.
trouble (troubled, troubler, troubles, troubling) noun
there is trouble in the country far away; have trouble with the boys; get into trouble with the authorities; he took no trouble with his work; troubling the teacher with questions; a person in great trouble; troubling news; the flies are a trouble to him; take the trouble to go.
trousers (trousers) noun
he put on his trousers; some of his trousers have holes in them.
true (truer, truly, untrue) adjective
a true story; it is not a true monkey; what he says is quite untrue; be true to a person; have a true heart; yours truly; her fears came true.
turn (turned, turner, turning, turns) noun
give the key a turn; make a turn to the right; she is turning her face away; his trousers are turned up; turning the wheel; waiting for one’s turn; the milk is turning into butter; the men were turned into pigs; he, in his turn, became ill; the page is turned over; the card was played out of turn; they took turn at going; turning it over in one’s mind; turning out well badly.
twist (twisted, twister, twisting, twists) noun
the pig’s tail has a twist in it; twisting the threads together; a twisted mouth; give one’s leg a twist; you give a twist to everything i say; the man is a twister and full of tricks.
umbrella noun
she put her umbrella up in the rain.
under preposition
under the table; the water under the earth; be under a cloud; he has the machine under control; under his rule the nation became great; he is under the head teacher; she is still under 21; an idea under discussion; an army under fire; wet under foot; the book is there under your nose; under protest; nothing under the sun will make me different.
unit (united, units) noun
a note is a unit of sound; a second is a unit of time; united by their interest in education; a united family; make a united attempt.
up adverb, preposition
use (used, uses, using) noun
value (values, valuing) noun
his opinion has no value; that is the value of his writing; valuing one’s friends; the picture has a value of £1000; valuing the spoons at a very high price.
verse (verses) noun
he is writing verse; that line is in the second verse.
very adjective, adverb
vessel (vessels) noun
view (viewed, viewer, viewing, views) noun
violent (violently) adjective
give a dog a violent blow; a violent man; be violently angry.
voice (voiced, voicer, voices, voicing) noun
waiting (waiter) adjective, noun
i am still waiting here; i am tired of waiting for her; the man is a waiter in a foodgivingbusiness; waiting at table is hard work.
walk (walked, walking, walks) noun
go for a walk; take a walk; we were walking in a wood; walking the horse on the road; a walk between trees; she has a strange walk; walking up to a person.
wall (walled, waller, walling, walls) noun
get over a wall; a wall of ice; a walled garden.
war noun
go to war with; have a long war; the war against disease; the country is at war; make war on.
warm (warmly) adjective
a warm day; be feeling warm; get warm; be warmly dressed; warm clothing; a warm fire; a warm love for his daughters; make things warm for a person.
wash (washed, washer, washing) noun
have a wash; washing the baby; send a dress to the wash; in the wash of the ship; a stretch of sand washed by the waves; washing out the clothing; washing up the things.
waste (wasted, waster, wastes, wasting) noun
going to the pictures is a waste of time money; you are wasting the wine; put all the waste in the bucket; a waste of sand; waste land; the boy is a waster; a wasted arm; she is wasting slowly away.
watch (watched, watcher, watching) noun
what is the time by your watch; watching the house; watching the play; he is 1 of the night watch; he was on watch by the fire.
water (watered, waterer, watering) noun
there is not much water in the river now; a drink of water; watering the flowers; my eyes are watering.
wave (waved, waver, waves, waving) noun
the wind makes waves in the grass; the ship goes through the waves; he gave a wave of his hand; waving to her friends; a wave; in her hair; she is having her hair waved.
wax (waxed, waxer, waxing) noun
put wax on the parcel; waxing the thread.
weather (weathered, weatherer, weathering) noun
we are having good weather; the weathering of mountains; weathered stone; we saw a ship weathering the bad sea.
week noun
get the work done in a week; have a week of rain; do nothing for a week; come in a week.
weight (weighted, weighter, weighting, weights) noun
the weight of the ball is 2 grams; weighting the cart down; put a weight on the scales; it is a weight on his mind; a person of weight on the committee; his opinion has no weight; this system has weight with the authorities.
well (best, better) adjective, adverb
do a thing well; you may well say so; a well-polished table; well over 40; get well; be quite well he has horses as well as cows; he did well in the test; very well then; well, why not.
west adjective, adverb, noun
the west door; a west wind; sailing west; the town is west of the river; the sun is low in the west; the science of the west a.
wet (wetted, wetter, wetting) adjective, noun
the grass is wet; wet weather; wetting the material is part of the process; go out in the wet.
wheel (wheeled, wheeler, wheeling, wheels) noun
the wheels are going round; wheeling a small cart; the baby was wheeled out in its carriage; a 4-wheeled carriage.
when adverb, conjunction
where conjunction
while conjunction
he is happy while he is here; do it while; there is time.
whip (whipped, whipper, whipping) noun
give the horse a blow with the whip; a whipped dog; whipping eggs for a cake.
whistle (whistled, whistler, whistling) noun
playing on a whistle give a long whistle; whistling for the dog.
white adjective, noun
who (what, which, whom, whose) adjective, pronoun
the boy who came; i did not see who went; the girl whom you saw; who is there; whose son is he; which of them is right; the river which is there; a play in which i took part; this is what you said; what did you see; do what is possible; what is he to me; which way do we go; what time is it; what books did you get; i did not see which way he went; what a strange thing!; what is more.
why adverb
wide (widely) adjective
the door is wide; his writings are widely noted; a band 2 inches wide; a person with wide views; a wide education; she was wide awake at 4:00; wide of the mark.
will (would) auxiliary, verb
wind noun
the sound of the wind in the trees; at sundown a wind got up.
window (windows) noun
get the window open; be looking through the window.
wine (wines) noun
put wine in the glass; a bottle of red wine.
wing (winged, wings) noun
the bird is moving its wing; an bird with 2 wings; the building has a new wing.
winter noun
wire (wired, wirer, wires, wiring) noun
a hat with a wire round the edge; electric wire; a roll of copper wire; wiring the house for electric light; a wire net.
wise (unwise, wisely, wiser) adjective
a wise man; a wise suggestion; he wisely said nothing; your outburst was very unwise.
woman (women) noun
the woman has 3 sons; he has no women friends.
wood (wooded, woods) noun
get wood for the fire; a house in the woods.
wool noun
sheep give wool; a wool coat; get some wool for making stockings.
work (worked, worker, workers, working, works) noun
it was hard work to get the house clean; farm work; brain work; working for an hour; working a machine; what is his work; the picture is a great work; the machine is working; the system is working well; the work are in need of oil; send goods back to the work; the men are at work; there is no need to get worked up about it; the details have been worked out; working at languages; he is working his way through school; get to work on; make up the work you did not do; take on new work.
worm (wormed, wormer, worming, worms) noun
there are worm in the garden; my dog has worm; worming one’s way into a secret.
wound (wounded, wounder, wounding) noun
have a wound in the hand; her words were a wound to his feelings; the gun went off, wounding a man; a wounded animal.
writing (writer, writings) noun
she is teaching him writing; a quick writer; writing for the newspapers is hard work; good at letter writing; a noted writer; all his writings have been put into a book; the writing is very clear; i am writing letters.
wrong (wrongly) adjective, adverb, noun
go the wrong way; say the wrong thing; give the wrong answer; he was wrongly sent to prison; they had wrong desires; there is a clear line between right and wrong; a wrong had been done to him; go wrong; the judge said he was in the wrong.
year (years) noun
the work will take a year; in the year of my birth; i was there for some years; a man of 50 years; i am 20 years old.
yellow adjective, noun
butter is yellow; the yellow on the walls is not dark enough.
yes interjection
yes, i will come; she will say yes.
yesterday noun
he went yesterday; yesterday is gone; the day before yesterday.
you (one, your, yours) pronoun
you are a young man; you are foolish; it was you whom i saw; this is your pen; the other 1 is not yours; if you go north you come to the sea.
young (younger) adjective