Kardashev scale

According to Wikipedia, "The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement." For reference the formula is:

K = log10PowerWatts-6 10

There's no variable for population, so my yearly average of 5.2 thousand Watts in 2003 would give me a measly score of −.23. However, I think my score should be the same as my civilization, which is Type 0.71.

So, I've re-formed the formula to factor in population while giving me approximately the same answer:

K = log10PowerWatts-log10Population+3.4 10

All very good. Now imagine that I'm part of Type I civilization, what would my yearly average be? The answer comes to a staggering 4 million Watts. Just for me. A question for a science fiction author might be "What does a civilization look like if everyone has access to a few MegaWatts?"