In search of no crime

This post starts with the premise of lowering the crime rate to zero, or as close to it as possible. This post will not discuss the merit or otherwise of such a premise.

It is clear, if a zero crime rate is to be achieved, that when a crime is committed each member of the society needs:

  1. to be persuaded not to commit the crime in future
  2. a mechanism by which they may put the event in the past and move on

However, each member cannot be treated in that same way. For instance, the perpetrator should probably be treated differently to the victim. With this in mind, I’ve split the society into 3 groups:

  • The victims
  • The perpetrators
  • The onlookers (everybody else)

We thus have 6 factors that need to be accounted for in any proposed solution. A solution that takes account of all 6 satisfactorily has, for now, been left as an exercise for the reader.