2010 Calendar

I created my first calendar for 2008, a better one for 2009 and once again it’s that time of year.

However, I’m still not quite content with the results of the 2009 calendar. Specifically, I don’t like the month names down the left side as one has to constantly reference the left side of the page even when looking at a date on the right. This is even worse than the similar problem of week day names as the calendar is wider than it is tall meaning the text is even farther from where it is needed.

After many iterations and suggestions from friends I’ve come up with what I think is a reasonable solution. Each Monday box has an additional value - a three letter month value: 

Monday labels

This solution means that month names are never more than three squares away but do not interrupt the user too much by being on every square.

So, here’s the first version of the 2010 calendar.