Basic English · A dictionary of C. K. Ogden’s 850 Basic English words.
Last Resort Font 1 · A Last Resort Font (for latin readers).
Strictly Scores · An example of SVG charts embedded in HTML.
Unicode browser · A browser of Unicode code points
iOS devices · A matrix of iOS devices by size.
Pinyin Font 1 · A Last Resort Font.
World time · 24 … 3 … 1
Desktop iOS · An example of what VoiceOver can do for sighted users

On Apple's AppStore

Heit · Provide high quality images of conference calls and multi-location meetings by pointing your device at the whiteboard then sharing the onscreen address with your remote colleague.
Herd - Animal and Livestock Management · The application to help you track your animals, presenting them clearly and efficiently on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
The Map - world maps, offline · The Map gives you offline maps of entire countries (including the USA, Canada and Great Britain).

Noteworthy mini projects

highwayco.de · A single page version of the British Highway Code.
MinimumRubber · A set of Core Graphics and Core Foundation related functions by me and others.
OpenTimeLine · A historical timeline implemented using SVG.
PredicateOptimiser · Doing cool things with NSPredicate objects.
Staycation · Execute CGI scripts locally without a web server.

Places to find me

Stack Overflow · A question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.
GitHub · A popular git hosting site.